How Jeffrey Epstein is Tied to the Country's Egg Shortage and Rising Prices

Tractor Supply is a widely known and respected American retail chain, with an emphasis on rural and agricultural customers. Founded in 1938, it now boasts more than 2,003 locations across 49 US states, 46,000 employees and over $13 billion in annual revenue. CEO Hal Lawton is based in Nashville Tennessee and the company slogan is “for life out here”.

The company's board of directors consists of 10 individuals from various backgrounds. One of them is Joy Brown, a former executive at Vanguard - an index fund that has $5 trillion under management – which also financially supports the World Economic Forum (WEF). Another board member is Thomas Kingsbury whose time as executive at Kohl’s was marked by his implementation of ESG initiatives. A third member Andre Hawaux was formerly employed with ConAgra - a brand which has been accused of using genetically modified organisms to alter the genetic composition of their food products, something that dissidents claim can potentially be damaging to both plants and humans.

The most controversial current Tractor Supply board member is Mark Weikel who served as President of Victoria’s Secret between 2003-2007. During this period Jeffrey Epstein had power-of-attorney documents granting him control over all personnel, finances and entities belonging to Leslie Wexner (Victoria's Secret owner), though Weikel has not responded when asked if he reported directly to Epstein.

In addition to the retail giant’s expansive presence throughout the US, its products have been mentioned by those keeping poultry flocks experiencing sudden cessation in egg laying. Two particular brands being Purina’s 'Layena' layer feed ration and 'Dumor'. This comes amid public concerns that the WEF are artificially causing food scarcity due to repeatedly encouraging citizens to consume alternative protein sources such as insects rather than animal protein sources.

This comes after many people have noticed that their hens stopped laying eggs when eating a certain kind of manufactured food. Take a look:

So, the guy behind all of these feed problems was directly tied to Epstein...or maybe...he still is??

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