House Minority Leader Discusses GOP 2022 Game Plan - Leaves Out Most Important Part

As I've already said in the past, there are some decent guys in Congress, and there are some horrible guys in Congress as well. I don't just mean that there are Republicans and Democrats; in fact, you could just as easily group the RINOs in with the Democrats because they are just as useless and devoid of morality as the Democrats themselves.

Recently, when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy detailed the Republican Party's strategy for retaking control of both chambers of Congress in an interview with Maria Bartiromo, he addressed a number of important points, but there was one that was noticeably absent.

McCarthy said,

"We would make America energy independent, secure our borders, stop the fentanyl from coming across that is now the number one killer of Americans between ages 18 and 45. Make our streets and schools safe again. Stop this runaway inflation that the Democrats have brought forth in America that we have not seen in 40 years."

Did you catch that? It's not what he said, it's what he didn't say. He didn't mention anything about election integrity. He didn't mention anything about impeaching Joe Biden for the crimes he committed while he was Vice President. He didn't mention anything about seeing that Hillary Clinton is prosecuted even though it has been proven that she has broken several federal laws. Nor does he mention the prodigal son, Hunter Biden who should be going to prison for the rest of his life.

Don't forget. Kevin McCarthy is another RINO. He may talk a big game, but when it comes time to deliver, he doesn't. He just promises the right things to get the Republicans elected and that's about it.

If we ever really want to get something done in Congress, we've got to break with the status quo and start electing people who are serious about making this country better and doing the things that actually need to be done.

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