House Minority Leader Destroys Democrats with "Party of Crime" Video

That the Democrat Party represents everything that is wrong with our country should be common knowledge by now.

They are the party of terrorism, anarchy, racism, crime, and murder, among other things. They're evil. There's no getting around it. Now, when I say that, I don't necessarily mean that every single Democrat is evil. Some people are simply uninformed and believe everything they are told.

My wife's grandma is a Democrat, and while she is a lovely and caring woman, she has always voted Democrat because of their stance on labor unions. She's a one-issue supporter. She becomes flustered and shuts down whenever you question her on her viewpoint on something.

But I would say that most Democrats are complicit in this sort of violent and racist rhetoric that comes from the left.

Well, with the midterms coming up soon, Republicans are jumping on this opportunity to point this out to Americans.

“The Democrat Party is for lawlessness and the breakdown of society,” McCarthy said in a tweet. “While they defund the police, violent crime is skyrocketing in our communities. Enough is enough.”

The video shows several Democrats, including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush, Ilhan Omar, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Sen. Chuck Schumer, former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, and others talking about either defunding law enforcement or demonizing them.

The video also features multiple clips from news programs highlighting violence in Democrat-run areas.

After highlighting the aforementioned content for several minutes, the video concludes by stating on the screen, “As Democrats in Washington abuse their power to attack their political opponents, they are ignoring America’s crime crisis.”

Take a look at this video but be advised that some of it may be difficult to watch, especially the very first part of the video that shows the woman and baby who were recently ran down by some punk in a car. If you'd like to avoid that part, just skip to about 17 seconds into the video.

Daily Wire

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