House Democrats Pass Bill That Will Allow Them to Takeover Elections

Our election system is already shot to bits, but the Democrats can't even leave that alone. They want it completely destroyed and they want full control over it going forward.

You think that may sound a little extreme and a little exaggerated. I wish it was.

It's bad enough that it's filled with holes everywhere that allows for fraud to happen, but now they're making it easier to cheat and steal an election.

They're trying to federalize the election process and put it into the hands of whatever administration is in charge at the time along with several other things in a recent bill that was passed by House Democrats.

So what does this bill do exactly?

Well, it cancels the voter ID requirement which should be common sense, right? We show an ID for so many things in life, but when it comes to voting, it's racist according to the Democrats. Yet, here they are trying to force everyone to get vaccinated and then to carry a vaccine passport with them, which is an ID that you have to show to go to some places.

The bill prevents states from having to maintain and update their voter rolls which is a huge window for fraud to occur.

It federalizes elections instead of them being state elections. Some people may not realize it, but in November, there area actually individual elections in each state and those results are pooled together. What they're proposing would be something akin to getting rid of the electoral college. They know that they can't do that so they'll try the next best thing.

This also gives the Department of Justice too much power and grants them the ability to veto election laws that they may take issue with. That way Democrats can cheat because certain laws can be changed, added, or dropped on the fly.

Republican Congresswoman Debbie Lesko tweeted,

H.R. 4 gives the Biden DOJ authority to designate a voter ID law as a voting rights violation or as evidence of voting discrimination. H.R. 4 is an unconstitutional way for the federal government to dictate elections and a way to weaken the vote of the American people!

I hate the Democratic party. I truly do. They are wicked and incredibly dishonest. I could continue on and on about how bad they are, but I doubt I need to tell you that. You already know.

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