House Democrat Turns Against Biden for Train Wreck Administration

It’s a strong indication things are “going poorly” when members of your own political party begin to label you an utter disappointment. Truthfully, Joe Biden has been an abject failure. Still shy of occupying the White House for a year, Biden has orchestrated one blunder after another.

He has been pitiful. Members of his own party insist that the Biden downfall started with his botched exodus from Afghanistan. However, Biden’s blunders started on day one. He reversed the successful policies of President Trump, policies that secured our nation’s southern border.

This single act triggered one of the most horrific humanitarian crises in decades. Waves of illegal migrants have gushed across our border. Along with the millions of unvetted migrants from dozens of countries, criminals have waltzed unabated right into the United States.

Biden’s botched border policies have allowed criminal cartels to exploit human trafficking and spew deadly drugs into our country. This was one of the first policy decisions by Joe Biden, and it has been an abominable failure.

Joe Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline, a vital artery helping to finally ensure America’s energy independence. After finally stepping away from a dangerous dependence on foreign oil producers because of President Trump’s policies, Biden destroyed it with a pen.

Gas prices and heating fuel prices have skyrocketed. Hardworking Americans are weathering the burden. Biden’s energy decisions have been yet another fiasco. Furthermore, piles of essential goods are floating idly aboard ships off the shores of our port cities.

Biden and his inept Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg have ignited the worst supply chain crises in our nation’s history. Manufacturers and consumers cannot secure critical items. Store shelves are empty. Biden’s supply chain crises will destroy many Christmases.

One single claim of success is all that Joe Biden has. However, long before he stole the 2020 Presidential Election, President Donald Trump had Congress pushing forward towards a bipartisan agreement on infrastructure. This bill had nothing to do with Joe Biden.

In fact, the eventual piece of legislation pushed across the finish line resembles only in small part something which meets the true definition of infrastructure. However, Biden claims it’s somehow proof of his success. It is nothing of the sort.

The real proof of Joe Biden’s inept policies and inability to lead are reflected in the failed “Build Back Better” proposal. This tax and spend fiasco was socialism in disguise. Thankfully, even moderate Democrats refused to allow Biden’s radical policies to further destroy the nation.

Nevertheless, many political pundits - Democrats included - point back to the Afghanistan debacle as the most glaring failure. Biden made a total fool out of the United States. The world watched the chaotic withdrawal in disbelief. No one was held accountable for the debacle.

Our trusted allies lost faith in the reliability of the United States. However, and even more dangerous, America’s adversaries see a weak and feeble leader. Biden exposed himself as a coward. China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea were watching intently.

Since then, each has become dangerously more brazen. Joe Biden’s senseless refusal to consider the advice of military professionals has put our nation in grave danger. The United States faces the risk of armed military conflict more so than in decades.

The level of national risk Joe Biden has created is as high as any point prior to the U.S. entry into World War II. Biden has continued his infamous record as a total failure at foreign policy. Now, his ineptitude at handling sensitive international issues has our nation at risk for war.

One House Democrat insists this is the point where Biden’s administration failed miserably. The fellow liberal also believes this is where Joe Biden’s approval started to plummet. While we agree Afghanistan was a colossal blunder, Biden’s failures started on Inauguration Day.

Joe Biden started to fail the American people the minute he took the oath of office. He perpetuated his party’s radical scheme to redefine our country with every decision he has made. In less than one year, Joe Biden has already cemented his legacy.

He will be renounced as the worst president in U.S. history. However, there is a horribly troubling problem. We must endure three more years of Biden’s bumbling ineptitude. Americans can begin to repair the damage on November 8, 2022. America as we know it will be at stake.

Photo Credit: JL Hervas

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