Horrific Surprise After 'Storage Wars'-Style Auction: Family Uncovers 'Suitcase Full of Suprises'

"Storage Wars" is a fascinating tv show if you enjoy finding lost or hidden treasure. In an effort to find some "hidden treasures" that were, for whatever reason, left in storage containers, the show pits bidders against one another.

As each bidder tries to claim ownership of the unknowable, the thrill increases. The discovery that was made, nonetheless, was fairly startling throughout the process of exposing one "storage unit surprise." Auckland, New Zealand, was where the bidding for one storage unit took place.

To win what they believed to be a treasure trove of extraordinarily precious items; one excited New Zealand family outbid competitors. In an online auction, the family purchased the items from the unit "sight unseen."

What happened might support the idea that you should inspect something in-person before buying it. The family was stunned by what they discovered when they unloaded their purchase in their front yard. Several pieces of luggage were part of the haul.

It was the smell that first caught the unknowing family’s attention. The cases stank profusely. They assumed it was a dead animal, maybe a rodent or a cat. One of their neighbors were surprised that the buyers hadn’t already noticed the foul smell.

The neighbor questioned, “They brought it back on a trailer. How did they not pick up the smell?” Well, the smell wasn’t someone’s dead kitty. However, it might have been someone’s dead relative. The suitcases were full of dead bodies.

According to a relative, no one knows how many bodies were discovered. Nevertheless, the suitcases contained more than one dead person. The Daily Mail said that three hearses were called to haul away the remains. Local police have opened a homicide investigation.

No one from the family is currently a suspect. They seem to only be the unfortunate purchases of some rather bizarre “sight unseen” merchandise. Thankfully, New Zealand experiences few unsolved murders. Police believe this case will eventually be solved as well.

Former police crisis negotiator Lance Burdett insists that “It’s a small country. We have very few unsolved homicides.” Likewise, police believe they’ll solve the crime. However, that’s not much solace for the poor family who bought themselves a few suitcases full of surprises.

This bizarre incident should certainly give online auction buyers a moment to pause. Better look inside the suitcase before slapping down a few dollars for its contents. You never know what mysterious surprises might be stuffed inside.

Photo Credit: Scott Meyers

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