Homeless Protected By Law To Sleep On Private Property. What Property Owners Face In Fines Is Insane

How would you like to wake up one morning to see the homeless camped out with all their shenanigans in your gated property? Not only that, drug abuse, loud noises, or obscene activities?

I would be absolutely upset. I pay for my property. It is my home for my family not for random people to camp out to do whatever they please.

Reported from Local12:

Two recent court decisions surrounding homelessness may have a big impact on people sleeping on city streets. While the U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear a case about criminalizing homelessness, an appeals court ruled encampments are allowed on private property.

Kevin Finn has worked to end homelessness in Cincinnati for 21 years. He cautiously applauds the two recent court rulings that address the criminalization of sleeping on the streets.

The Supreme Court will not hear a case on a ban against homeless people sleeping in public spaces. That now means there's a constitutional right to camp in public.

Kevin Finn remarks, “I don't think there's anything helpful about making it a criminal act for people to be sleeping outside if ultimately what we want is for people to get into housing.” 

"Filing charges, making things they're doing illegal, making their police history longer is not helpful for the long-term goal.”

“I don’t think it’s ever a good move to ever try to criminalize people sleeping outside. But at the same time, a homeless person is three times more likely to die sleeping outside on the streets, so we need to find a balance where we’re not encouraging people to sleep outside in camps either.”

“They are targeted at people who are only willing to lay down and go to sleep. They’re not necessarily willing to engage in services and different things like that, and those tend to be the kind of shelter beds that appeal to people who would otherwise stay out on the streets in camps.” 

“People will stay out in camps because they don’t want to go into a shelter that’s crowded, and the reason that shelter is crowded is because it’s full of people who can’t find an affordable place to live and the lack of affordable places to live is part of why they became homeless to begin with,” Finn ended.

This is whats going on for some people...

I'll be honest, I LOVE to help people. However, I will not freely let someone I don't know just camp out in my lawn to do whatever. It just isn't going to happen. I'm glad I live in the sticks and this new law isn't in Georgia.

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