Homeless Man Interrupts NYC Mayoral Candidate's Press Conference, What He Did Next is UNBELIEVABLE (VIDEO)

Republican candidate for New York City Mayor, Curtis Sliwa was speaking to a crowd in front of Penn Station, a very odd thing happened.

A homeless man made his way up to interrupt Sliwa. But what Sliwa did in response was very commendable.

The homeless man stepped in front of the podium non-violently and appeared to be experiencing serious mental health conditions. The mayoral candidate did the right thing and addressed the man by stepping over to him and gently asking the man how he was doing living at Penn Station.

At this point, the homeless man appeared to be struggling with emotions, and that is when Sliwa began the conversation asking if the man had ever stayed in a mental hospital. The homeless man said he had stayed at the Bellevue Hospital a great many times.

The mayoral candidate seemed to be forming a relationship with the man at the moment and asked if he was supposed to be on medication. The homeless man stated he was supposed to be on medication.

At this point, the homeless man began to cry and the Sliwa placed his hand gently on the back of the struggling man.

The mayoral candidate went on to promise that if he becomes mayor he would do whatever he could to help the homeless man and his friends who are struggling on the streets.

Now, I'm not sure what to make of this guy. I'm going ot be quite honest, that hat is not doing him any favors. He looks like he's a communist dictator in the making. He may not be at all, but looks matter and especially first impressions. The first impression I got when I saw him for the first time was this guy is a wolf in sheep's clothing just waiting to pounce.

There's no way that he's worse than what de Blasio is, but maybe we just need to withhold judgment until we know more about him.

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