Hollywood Is DOA, These Number Don't Lie

Hollywood is starting to realize that their reign of supremacy is over.

Despite the mainstream media touting that this year's Oscars show saw a 12 percent increase in viewership, the devil is in the details. Last year's ratings were the second lowest in the history of the broadcast. The 12% increase in viewership made 2023 the third-lowest Oscar-rated show in its history, with only 18.7 million viewers watching.

To put things in perspective, Hollywood freaked out in 2018 when the show was only able to garner 26 million, which was half of the 44 million people that tuned in for the 2014 show.

Are you noticing a trend?

John Nolte from Breitbart News wrote:

So, I’m calling it. Oscar is officially over. The Academy has forever lost the goodwill of the customers and our trust. There was a time when an Oscar nomination boosted a movie’s box office. We all now know an Oscar nomination means a dull, smug lecture with lots of off-putting gay sex. Today an Oscar nomination is the kiss of box office death, a warning label to stay as far away as possible.

What a shame.

Imagine how awful Hollywood must be, how overpopulated with terrible people the entertainment industry is now… This industry now prefers to shame, lecture and insult us over experiencing the joy that comes with knowing you have the power to spread the magic of entertainment, laughter, and enlightenment.

The best movie of the year, Top Gun: Maverick, was hated by Hollywood and the left. An MSNBC piece called it "the most insidious movie."

The left called the film that Hollywood big bosses said saved the industry "insidious."

That's why only 18 million people watched.

Rumors swirled that Tom Cruise didn't go to the Oscars because he didn't want to have an uncomfortable run-in with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman. However, one could speculate that was just an excuse.

Cruise has another big Mission Impossible movie coming out, and he has a brand. The last thing he needs is to be asked a virtue-signaling type question that ruins his upcoming blockbuster.

The blockbuster actor didn't go to the Oscars because of his ex-wife. He stayed away because he understood why this was one of the lowest-rated Oscar shows in the history of the Academy.

Breitbart News

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