HILARIOUS! 'Let's Go Brandon' Song Hits #1 Spot on iTunes (VIDEO)

I don't ever believe that anybody will be able to convince me that Joe Biden won the election 81 million votes.

By that he would be the most popular president in U.S. history. But when you look at real life and how people talk about him how people treat his policies and his decisions it's absolutely clear that this man is a fraud. We as Americans have been bamboozled and everyone just let it happen.

I was just talking to a friend of mine this morning and we were talking about football and obviously the conversation football games and honestly during other sporting events as well, where you see people in the stands yelling out "Let's Go Brandon" or the other phrase that I just won't mention here.

This thing has gone so viral that there's even a song about it now and this song is so popular that it now sits at the number one spot on the iTunes hip-hop chart.

Some of the lyrics are:

And I say it wit’ a passion
As I pull off in the Aston
Don’t nobody like his a**, huh?
Tried to cover up, but tell the people, go Brandon
But we know what they sayin’, though
You can hear thе chant in every post
Don’t nobody want this commie ‘causе we not in China
Everybody hated Trump, and now they out to catch a body
That’s what they get for treatin’ us like we in Squid Game
Dream light, mandate like he’s insane
These times, people wakin’ up to e’erything
Go Brandon, but we all know what the sayin’ mean

If you ask me this is just another piece of evidence that shows me that Joe Biden is not the most popular president in history. It shows me that he did not really get 81 million votes. You can't tell me after the whole time that Biden was campaigning that they didn't see this coming from 18,000 miles away because we did and it was as clear as day.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Loza Alexander

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