Hiker Calls The Police, You Won't Believe What He Found

It is a scary thought of one day just trailing along with your dog or child and Boom! You are in the ground trapped in a booby trap all bloody and unable to get out.

Why are these there? My guess in this sick world we live in would be to either trap someone for sex trafficking or worse kill you or your loved one for some sort of sick pleasure by a psychopath.

These traps have been exposed and thankfully no one has been hurt that we know of. More gratitude goes to the person that stumbled upon them and was able to contact the police to make them aware.

From NBC San Diego:

Police are warning hikers and mountain bikers to be vigilant after someone apparently placed booby traps, including barbed wire and wooden planks with protruding nails, just beneath the surface of trails in a New Jersey park. 

Wayne police say a resident told them he has been finding the traps on the trails at High Mountain Park since June 23. He has found broken bottles behind or next to rocks or logs, rope and barbed wire strung across pathways and wooden planks with screws and nails sticking out of them placed just under the road surface to injure hikers or pop bicycle tires, authorities say. 

Police said the man's report about the traps was the first they'd heard of them; it wasn't clear if anyone had been hurt.

It is too creepily similar to a sick horror movie where someone is just minding their own business and suddenly you are at the fate of a psychopath in a crazy dungeon.

Because these booby traps have been discovered it has made a lot of hikers reluctant to hike in the area and likely at all anywhere. You can never be too careful hiking. I am a frequent hiker so I make sure to keep myself and my dog safe with all the means possible.

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I am not sure as to your exact intent in writing this article, especially the expected results. Sex Trafficking? Really now.? Is this writing a deflection away from the facts? I am not familiar with that park, but obviously, some people want control of that park which can be accomplished by keeping everyone else out of that park. The question is why would someone do this? These are very crude devices, more than likely placed by untrained individuals targeting inexperienced people with minimal experience outdoors. What I wrote mainly applies to hikers, bike riders proceeding faster than the speed of… Read more »


No doubt those placing those traps are so called Democrats.