Hidden Camera Reveals GOP Congressman Hides Views in Order to Get Votes from Dubious Republicans

The majority of Americans are used to politicians proclaiming one thing while actually supporting another. They frequently run for office with one set of pledges and then propose or vote on legislation with the exact opposite agenda.

It is the main reason why many Americans despise most politicians, aside from outright lying. They resemble the infamous old-time snake oil salesmen, who were known for lying and cheating. Politicians will say anything they believe their constituents want to hear in an effort to gain support.

Then they undergo a miraculous change and start to promote their own individual agendas. It's a depressing situation. Typically, voters are never given the opportunity to view these masters of deception's opposing viewpoint until it is too late.

However, Project Veritas discovered, and subsequently released, footage of one Utah Republican’s reelection campaign platform. John Curtis is running for Utah Congress. Ahead of the potential U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, abortion is a key issue.

Staunch conservatives invariably believe that each state should have control over abortion issues. Utah is one of those states where a “trigger law” will effectively ban abortions once the Supreme Court issues what many believe will be its ruling that strikes down Roe v. Wade.

But John Curtis has hinted that he opposes trigger laws. Instead of answering questions about abortion forthrightly, Curtis’s Field Director, Daniel Stephens, says he is not truthful about his views on abortion. Curtis is lying to get Republican votes.

While lying to the voters appears to be a prerequisite for political aspirations, Curtis is taking the art one step further. Curtis is a true RINO. A RINO is what many conservatives refer to as a Republican in Name Only. These cheats say one thing, but believe the complete opposite.

They put the big “R” beside their name, but their policy beliefs have little or no connection with true conservative values. They register as Republicans because they aspire to political office in areas of the country where radical liberals don’t stand a chance.

That’s precisely the scenario playing out in John Curtis’s attempt to win a Utah GOP congressional seat. As a Democrat, Curtis would get obliterated. But he can hide his true liberal-leaning ideology by boasting that he is a tried-and-true conservative Republican. He’s not.

Americans will head to the polls in November to vote to “take back our nation”. It will be incumbent upon them to know which candidates are true conservatives. The 2022 midterm elections will be a referendum on the Democrats’ push for a big government, socialist society.

They must not succeed. Americans must elect true conservatives to both federal offices and in statewide elections. Our democracy is at stake. Another four years of radical liberal policies will fully destroy our nation. It’s time to tell cheaters like John Curtis that they’re not what we want.

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