Here's What They Did to Chauvin After Trial

In the past few days, I"ve had many conversations about Derek Chauvin and the trial.

I work from home so I was able to watch the entire trial. I even watched the jury selection.

There was a lot of evidence presented in the case by the state attorneys and there was a lot of rebuttal from Derek Chauvin's attorney, Eric Nelson.

In the end, I thought that the evidence was overwhelming that he was guilty of all charges.

I realize that I'm probably in the minority of conservatives who believe that Derek Chauvi was guilty, but I'm firmly basing that off of the evidence alone in accordance with Minnesota law.

So, anyway...he's been found guilty, now what?

Well, he'll be able to file for an appeal and see what happens, but ultimately, he'll be sentenced. Most likely, the judge will give him the minimum sentence, but in all likelihood, if he's not put in a safe prison where he can be by himself, he's going to end up getting killed in prison, and for that, I feel extremely sorry for him.

Some people think that the case may be reversed based on remarks made by big mouth Maxine Waters. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz is one of those people.

Dershowitz said, "We certainly can’t be confident that it didn’t. We have to assume that the jury heard what Maxine Waters said, what Sharpton said, what Crump said, what others said. I think jurors knew that if they came out with a verdict, other than murder, the top charge there would be violence on the streets. Every mayor was prepared for that. Every police chief was prepared for that. Why do we think the jury didn’t know that and didn’t allow it to enter its consideration? After all, the jurors were potential targets. Their names were released. If they had come to “the wrong verdict” they might be expected to be treated the way one of the witnesses was treated… painted in blood. I think the jurors learned that if they didn’t come up with the right verdict there businesses would suffer, their schools, their neighborhoods… That’s why I believe the case may very well be reversed."

I have to disagree with him, but unless it is explicitly discovered that the jurors did hear what she said, the court must assume that they followed the judge's orders to not watch the news. I'll be honest, if I didn't do this sort of work, I probably wouldn't have seen what she said.

Like I said, I did watch the entire thing and if you'd like my honest perspective on the case more in-depth, let me know with a comment down below.

UPDATE: It has been reported that Derek Chauvin has been placed in solitary confinement for 23 hours per day. I'm sure that this is a measure to protect him from other inmates.

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