Here's What History Is Indicating Will Happen in 2022 and 2024 Elections

As the midterm elections approach, I think we're all eager to find out what the outcome will be.

How long will Nancy Pelosi be in charge of the House of Representatives? Is she even going to be able to keep her position in the House? Will the Republicans regain control of the House and Senate? Is President Trump planning to run for Congress? Is it possible that some of these RINOs will be removed and replaced with a real conservative? The possibilities are virtually limitless at the moment.

Whether we like it or not, the past is a factor in a number of these issues. History is often a foreshadowing of what is to come, even if it doesn't directly influence what will happen.

One example of this is with sports like football. During college football season, some friends and I choose winners of weekly games and one of the factors that we consider when choosing is previous games against the opposing teams. We actually exercise the same method during March Madness as well if the teams are playing someone that they've already played before.

The same works with history and elections.

As we're all aware, Joe Biden's approval numbers are absolutely atrocious. It's being reported that the odds of Republicans just dominating this election cycle is the greatest it has been in a generation.

According to history, the party who occupies the White House normally loses seats during first midterm elections. Midterm elections typically feature lower turnout, and the party that is not in power receives a stronger response from its base because of the president's dissatisfaction.

Just to give you an idea of how that looked with the last Democrat who was president, during the first midterm election under the Obama administration, Republicans picked up 63 seats in the House and 6 seats in the Senate. And Obama wasn't nearly as bad as Joe Biden is.

Now, I must say that the climate we have is much different than what it was back in 2010. And according to Inside Elections, on average, the party of the sitting president loses an average of 30 seats over the last 100 years. The Republicans only need 5 in the House.

Like I've said before, if we can stop them from cheating, we'll regain both chambers easily.

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