Here's How Dems Committed Real-Time Election Fraud

You know as well as I do that many Americans feel that the 2020 presidential election and the 2022 midterm elections were marred by fraud and irregular activities, such as ballot stuffing and the use of fake ballots. Hmm...I wonder why?

These allegations have been made specifically in relation to key battleground states, with the suggestion that these actions were taken in order to secure electoral votes for the Democratic candidate. Some also believe that Democrats engaged in similar tactics in order to win other races, including a U.S. Senate seat in Arizona and the race for Arizona governor.

Arizona has been a bastion for Democrat election fraud in the last two cycles. The scheme to steal elections during the 2022 midterms was the most elaborate yet. Democrats used a geeky computer term to steal votes in real time. It’s called “database latency.”

Jay Valentine, an author on Omega4America, wrote a guest post for 100 Percent Fed Up outlining how the scam worked. The post explained how the election-stealing scheme works. They use what tech specialists call “database latency.”

Using database latency, Democrats are able to steal elections in “real time.” But they can also steal enough votes to win without a normal person detecting that anything is happening. Valentine described how the scam works.

Step number one is critical. County election managers change the zip codes, for say, 31,000 voters on their mail-in ballots. They mail them out early enough to give them time to be returned. The ballots are returned because the zip codes were incorrect. How convenient is that?

Now, Democrat operatives collect these “undeliverable ballots.” That hands them thousands of seeming authentic ballots to fill out and include in vote counts. Then, to cover their tracks, a new series of ballots with the correct zip codes are mailed to voters.

No one knows the difference. There is no history because the National Change of Address Database (NCOA) doesn’t know an issue even exists. These thousands of voters received the rest of their mail just fine.

Americans have witnessed election commissions doing everything possible to ensure Democrat Party candidates win. All we need to do is look at what’s happened in Wisconsin and Arizona’s Maricopa County. There’s evidence of cheating in seven other states during 2016 as well.

How much is occupying a state governor’s mansion worth? What political price tag might be assigned to a hotly contested U.S. Senate seat? What political value is there in owning a majority in any legislative body, local, state, or federal?

Clearly, winning these races could be worth tens of millions of dollars. And on the ultimate scale, how much is control of the White House worth? That estimate would be “priceless.” But how can conservatives level the playing field again?

How can Republicans stop Democrats from stealing every single election? First, stop wasting time on batch NCOA. Republicans must maintain up-to-date records of election rolls. But this costs a great deal of money.

An NCOA list for Wisconsin costs $12,000. But here’s an interesting fact. Democrats paid for an updated NCOA 28 times prior to the 2016 election. Money well spent? This must be the Republicans’ core strategy to fight ballot-gathering fraud.

This will help provide detailed, often daily, analysis of voter rolls. Furthermore, this mechanism can be compared to real-time cast ballots. Instead of succumbing to real-time database latency, Republicans will be able to catch the scam the instant it happens.

If Republicans do not take the necessary steps to stop election cheating, they’re going to keep losing. Let’s use a little basketball analogy. Imagine one team having taller, faster, and more talented players. Everyone is a better shooter. This team should win easily, every game.

The other team has an inept squad, most of which can’t dribble well or shoot the ball to save their lives. But they get to let the air out of the good team’s basketball, so they can’t dribble. Additionally, they put a lid on top of the talented team’s basket.

No matter how much better the good team is, they will never be able to score more points than the pitifully inept team. The worst team will win every time. Okay, maybe not quite as logical as cheating in a political election. However, the results will always be the same.

If one side is allowed to cheat, the other team has to overcome insurmountable odds to win. Most of the time, they won’t win. Sure, Republicans can “challenge the game,” but that’s usually too late. What can be done? Will they scrap the results and start over? Highly unlikely.

Without real-time scrutiny, Democrats will continue to cheat. Sure, Republicans will file a lawsuit a few months later, but these things fizzle almost as soon as the ink is dry on the filing documents. The RNC uses databases, SQL, NCOA, or Melissa.

These are all non-real-time, highly latent systems. This must stop. Will Republicans finally start to apply real-time technology or continue to waste money on fruitless systems that can easily be manipulated? If they continue to get robbed on Election Day, we’ll know the answer.

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