Gutfeld and Maher Team Up to Hammer Woke Mob

American culture has been swarmed by a maniacal ideology embroiled in political correctness. At one time, political correctness was an innocent reference to trying to avoid unnecessary insults. As silly as it often was, being “PC” was kind of taken with a grain of salt. But with the rise of the “woke cancel culture,” political correctness has been weaponized.

The radical left has abused so-called “correctness” to the point where people are afraid to say anything for fear of being canceled. What was once a tendency to simply be considerate has evolved into bitter attacks on anyone with a different opinion. The woke culture is destroying America. The left says they’re for free speech, but that’s only if people say what they think should be said.

It has turned into a mob mentality on social media as well. Two men with political ideologies from both sides of the spectrum weighed in during a “Club Random” podcast. Both FOX News’ Greg Gutfeld and HBO’s Bill Maher denounced the bitterness of many on the left. The two popular comedians spoke out against the incessant “b**ching.”

Each mentioned a movie that today’s woke culture would never allow to be produced. They are two of the most iconic films in Hollywood history. Both “Rain Man” and “Animal House” were not only wildly popular, but they gobbled up numerous awards for motion picture excellence. But they’d be lucky to make it out of the film idea room today. Maher thinks the whole leftist woke ideology is a sham.

Maher said, “You know you’re going to have to listen to people bitching about this and posturing and pretending they’re so offended.” Gutfeld thinks it’s a personal power thing with these people. Talking about how people bully others over their opinions on Twitter, Gutfeld said, “It’s like if I don’t have any power in my world, at least on here I can exert some kind of power, get somebody to apologize, and it feels good.”

Maher went on to explain why he feels phones and the internet have emboldened people to be “cowardly, anonymous, shady, fake.” But that’s the trademark quality of virtually every single “wokie.” They’re frightened people who get a high from making other people feel terrible. The leftist wokies do the exact things they scream about. There’s a word for that – hypocrite!

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