Guess Who May Be Gearing Up for One Last Run at White House in 2024

Joe Biden has been awful. He could very easily be considered the worst president in American history. His approval ratings among voters of all stripes are among the lowest ever recorded. The vast majority of members of his own political party oppose the idea of him running for office again in 2024. Logic dictates that he won't.

Thankfully, his final two years in office can be restrained if Republicans regain control of Congress. But who is left in the Democratic Party to accept the party's candidacy in 2024? Usually, the vice president in office takes on that role.

However, Kamala Harris is a rather unpalatable possibility when the vice president is more hated by Americans than her own boss. She is not the Democrat Party's ray of hope. Kamala Harris can't even recall which nations are important partners of the US.

She is an abysmal person with the personality of an alligator. The so-called “border Czar” has zero chance of becoming president; even if she managed to manipulate her way to the nomination. Americans dislike her, and for a very good reason.

The Democrats have a weak bullpen as well. Initially, amidst all the horrific approval polls for Biden and Harris, good old Mayor Pete surfaced as the “next in line.” But voters want to see someone with a track record of success.

After Biden and Harris, Pete Buttigieg has been the next biggest failure in the Biden administration. In relation to the rest of Biden’s woeful cabinet, Buttigieg’s approval ratings are remarkable.

However, “Mayor Pete” is saddled with a 38 percent approval rating. Once oft-mentioned as a potential candidate, Buttigieg has faded rapidly. The entire Biden administration is viewed as woefully inept. Clearly, Democrats must look elsewhere.

A name that’s stirring the liberal mainstream media’s hearts is radical California Governor Gavin Newsom. But within a vastly moderate American public, Newsom is closer to Karl Marx than he is to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Voters can see what Newsom has done to California. The state is ridden with some of the worst crime statistics in the nation. Homelessness is at a crisis level. The only people who can afford to live in his state are the rich and affluent Hollywood types.

The only thing about Gavin Newsom that looks good to most voters is his perfect hairdo. Many political experts believe the top-ranking Republican candidates in 2024 would obliterate Newsom. But that means the Democrat Party may need to look elsewhere.

But who could they possibly pull out of their stable? Well, just maybe, they’ll go way back in the stall to pull out an old mare. God help us. Recent comments by “thee Hillary Clinton” herself indicate that crooked Hillary may well be considering another run at the White House.

One ex-Clinton advisor believes recent comments by Clinton signal a definite desire to run again. It’s hard to believe that, after being rebuked by the American people twice, someone would set themselves up for a third failed run at the presidency.

Former Clinton strategist Dick Morris did an interview on WABC 770 AM radio. The New York Post reported that Morris told John Catsimatidis that “I see more and more signs that Hillary’s going to run.” Morris also contends that Hillary will say she’s a middle-of-the-road moderate.

He said to Catsimatidis, “She’s going to say after the election, see, the left cost us the House and the Senate. If we stay with a left-wing candidate in 2024, we’re going to lose the White House. I’m the only one who will tack to the center and give us a chance at victory.”

He went on to insist that Hillary is using the same strategy that he designed for her husband. Morris believes that the moderate core in the Democrat Party will have to find off a strong battle by the radical left within the party.

Experts warn that any visible shift farther to the left would lead to monumental losses in both the 2022 midterms and the 2024 general election. Americans do not want what the progressive left is trying to sell them.

It shows in how they feel about Biden and his administration. If the Democrats want to blow up the party forever, they’ll ignore the writing on the wall. But what are they left with, other than an old mare from the back of the stable?

Radical leftist Democrats have destroyed the party. Now they’re left with an unlikable candidate and even more unlikable policies. If Democrats run Hillary Clinton for president again, it will doom the party forever.

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