Governor Of Tennessee To Sign Anti-LGBT Adoption Bill

Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee has recently made an announcement that's going to lead to an unprecedented measure regarding adoption.

Governor Lee says he's signing this into law so that it would continue allowing tax-payer funding to faith-based foster care. Thus allowing agencies even if they have already decided to exclude the LGBT families.

To better clear all this up, it means that if a religious-based adoption agency/organization receives funding to help keep it running then they can openly discriminate against LGBT families and not allow them to adopt without any penalty.

According to NBC,

The GOP-controlled Senate gave the bill final passage on the first day of the 2020 legislative session after it was initially approved by the House last April. The bill was sent to the Republican governor amid warnings by critics of possible negative consequences for Tennessee’s reputation.

Lee’s communication director, Chris Walker, confirmed in a statement Tuesday evening that the governor would sign the bill. Earlier, before the Senate vote, Lee declined to weigh in after saying he had not read the two-page bill.

“We are off to a fine start this session,” state Sen. Steve Dickerson joked while debating against the bill earlier as the lone Republican opposed.

A handful of states to date have enacted similar legislation including Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, South Dakota, North Dakota, Virginia, Mississippi, and Michigan. But Michigan agreed in settling a lawsuit to no longer turn away LGBT couples or individuals because of religious objections.

Nationally, supporters argue such measures are needed to protect against potential lawsuits hostile to the group’s religious beliefs. However, critics counter that the proposals attack LGBT rights and limit the number of qualified families seeking to adopt or foster needy children.

This is a blunt stand against LGBT families and will definitely bring its own challenges. Much like the businesses who don't believe in their beliefs with their recent challenges.

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