Government Whistleblowers Reveals What HHS Has Been Hiding at the Border

Now you know just as well as I know it, that crisis at the Southern border is only getting worse and not better by any stretch of the imagination.

I haven't seen the numbers for July yet, but in June was had 180,000 people apprehended at the border trying to cross over into the U.S.

Can you just stop and take that number in for a minute and just think about how massive that is? That's approximately 6,000 people per day coming to the county...illegally!

This would not be the case if President Trump were still in charge because he would not have ordered the construction on the wall to stop. Instead, we just have gaping holes that make it even easier to get into the US. We're also paying $3 million per day to contractors to sit around and babysit the metal.

But according to a new whistleblower, the problem at the border is worse than we thought.

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have actually been ordering agents to conceal just how bad the virus is down at one of the holding facilities in Texas.

“At a ‘town hall’ meeting with detailees, a senior US Public Health Service manager was asked and refused to say how many were infected because ‘if that graph [of infections] is going to The Washington Post every day, it’s the only thing we’ll be dealing with and politics will take over, perception will take over, and we’re about reality, not perception’”, the document reads.

The document also reveals that they're basically not even trying to contain the spread of the virus, but are instead encouraging it to happen by their careless actions such as having children wear disposable masks instead of N95 masks. In a crowded space, those pieces of paper aren't going to do anything.

“COVID was widespread among children and eventually spread to many employees. Hundreds of children contracted COVID in the overcrowded conditions,” the complaint reads.

Now add to this the fact that they're shipping immigrants off to other states to spread the virus more and you wind up with the mess we have right now with the virus spreading again.

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