Google Makes Being a Racist A Little Bit Easier for Liberals

Eighty years ago, if you wanted to shop at white-only businesses or serve white people only at your establishment, well that was socially acceptable. It was racist, but it was acceptable.

If you were still wanting to shop at white-owned businesses as opposed to black-owned businesses, then you're probably a racist.

Conversely though - at least according to liberals - if you want to shop at black-owned businesses instead of white-owned's encouraged? How can people not see the blatant racism in this?

You know that we have black colleges and black-owned businesses as people like to refer to them as (as opposed to just a plain business owned by a person, they have to emphasize that a black person owns it...which is already racist) but liberals and big tech are teaming up to take things to a new extreme.

Google has decided that if you are looking to shop at a black-owned business instead of one owned by white people, then you can find them a  lot easier now on the Google search engine.

Of course, remember that if you were to do this with a white-owned business you'd be racist, but doing it with a black-owned business, it's social justice and a fight against "white supremacy" and "white privilege".

Starting last July, US merchants with a verified Google Business Profile could add a Black-owned business attribute to their profile so customers can see that it's Black-owned when they find that business through Google Search and Maps. This week, Google extended the Black-owned attribute to the site's Shopping tab, so people can more easily find and buy from Black-owned businesses. The feature will be available to all US-based shops and visible to shoppers in the coming months, the company said in a blog post.

Searches on Google for "Black owned businesses" have jumped 600% over the last 12 months, according to the post. However, one report found that 41% of Black-owned businesses had been closed due to COVID-19. Google partnered with Opportunity Finance Network to provide more than $30 million in loans and grants to support these businesses, as part of the tech giant's $50 million commitment through the Grow with Google Small Business Fund unveiled in June.

Sources: CNET

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