GOODBYE FOOTBALL: NFL Sets Itself Up for Complete and Utter Destruction with Recent Decision

Personally speaking, I've completely given up on professional sports organizations like the NFL and the NBA.

Since they went woke, they are absolutely not worth watching in my opinion. Many others feel the same way and it shows in their ratings.

I honestly didn't know that the NBA playoffs were happening until it was well into it. I'm just so sick and tired of their racist liberal agenda.

But the NFL has all but sealed their fate after their recent decision going forward into this next football season.

The NFL will be playing the "Black National Anthem" prior to "all big league events" which is to include the Super Bowl, the playoffs, and even the freaking draft!

Not only are they doing the song, but their also going to be implementing more "social justice messaging on fields and player helmets".

Hannity tweeted,

DEMS DESTROY FUN: Why do the Dems have to inject politics into sports? The NFL is playing the “Black national anthem” & the Olympic committee is redesigning its flag logo. We already have a flag & an anthem! @TheLeoTerrell & @JudgeJeanine respond TONIGHT on “Hannity.”

That's literally what they're doing. They've brought their idiotic agenda that is pushing deceitful propaganda into sports...something that should be completely neutral and where politics do not belong.

Look, everyone deserves to have an opinion about political issues, but that doesn't mean that they need to be shared. Do you remember the days when people avoided talking about religion and politics? There was a reason for that, and now we can see what that reason was. It's because people cannot get along with one another when these issues are brought to light.

What's extremely sad about it too is that liberals are so intolerant of anyone who is not of their own political persuasion. 99% of the nastiness, the violence, and racism comes from liberals themselves.

If we are fighting towards unity and ending racism, then what the hell are we doing playing an anthem specifically for one particular race of people? Imagine that we also included some sort of "white national anthem". Cities would burn, I guarantee it.

It's truly a sad thing, and really the only think I have left to say to the NFL about this is...F.U.

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