Good Guy with Gun Saves the Day by Taking Down Shooter at Amazon Facility

We see it far too often, but last week, an armed attacker opened fire at an Amazon facility in Chandler, Arizona. The assailant, 29-year-old Jacob Murphy, allegedly entered the employee parking lot and began shooting, striking at least one individual. Murphy then attempted to enter the facility, but was confronted by a contract worker who tried to block his entrance. In the ensuing altercation, the contract worker was shot multiple times.

But thankfully, there was a good guy with a gun around. Another Amazon employee, who was armed, intervened and began shooting at Murphy. As a result of the gunfire, Murphy died at the scene. According to police, the cause of death was a combination of a self-inflicted gunshot wound and gunfire from the Amazon employee.

Police Sgt. Jason McClimans stated that Murphy was not an Amazon employee and that the attack was motivated by "jealousy issues regarding his girlfriend." Sgt. McClimans also praised the actions of the armed Amazon employee, saying, "He did come to the aid of an individual who was shot by a suspect. So, in that case, I would say he is a good Samaritan."

The incident has raised questions about the role of armed employees in preventing or mitigating active shooter situations. While some have praised the actions of the armed Amazon employee as heroic, others have expressed concern about the potential dangers of introducing firearms into the workplace.

But the basic facts remain the same, and that is that bad guys will get guns no matter what and do bad things with them, but good guys with guns often stop the bad guys with guns.

This country is never going to be safe until our leaders start addressing the primary causes of this crap to begin with. Guns aren't the problem. Tens of millions of Americans own and carry guns without incident every day, it's always the criminals who cause the problem. It's the ones who are not mentally stable and who probably shouldn't have a firearm to begin with. We can definitely do better at regulating guns in our country WITHOUT infringing upon our right to bear arms.

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