Godless Democrats in Congress Prove Their Idolatry Once Again with Blasphemous Comment

Something that truly astonishes me is that more than half of Congress makes the claim to be Christian. That number is even higher if you look at how many people believe in God and claim to be of a religion.

When you actually look at the 116th Congress, 187 Democrats in the House of Representatives said that they were Christian and 32 Democrat Senators said the same.

When you look at the 117th Congress, approximately 88% of them claim to be Christians!

This is not true. Just calling yourself a Christian doesn't make you one. However, when it comes to liberals, they think that they can just throw around the word and convince people that they're upstanding and moral people because they're "Christian".

We've seen Democrats prove that they're not Christians time and time again by their actions and their words.

Just recently Rep. Eric Swalwell made an idiotic and non-Christian response, and yes, Swalwell does consider himself to be a Christian.

“The choice was, do we chase those people, not knowing what they’re going to say, to the courts for years or do we go forward with the powerful, thundering case that we have? And also knowing that Mitch McConnell was already telling us that he believed the challenge was a jurisdictional one.”

So we could have called God herself, and the Republicans weren’t going to be willing to convict, so we’re proud of the case we have put forward.”

What false god is Swalwell referring to? It's definitely not the God of the Bible, Yahweh because God is never referred to as a "her".

It's disgusting and absolutely frightening that Democrats have absolutely no reverence for God or his word.

This comes just about a month after one bozo got up in the House of Representatives and ended his prayer in an idolatrous and blasphemous way as well.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), who is an ordained United Methodist minister, opened the first session of the 117th Congress on Sunday by praying in the name of a Hindu god and twisting the word “amen” into a commentary on gender.

“Eternal God, noiselessly we bow before your throne of grace as we leave behind the politically and socially clamorous year of 2020,” began Cleaver, who served as the pastor of St. James United Methodist Church in Kansas City, Missouri, from 1972 to 2009.


Though his prayer was replete with explicitly Christian themes, terminology, and references, Cleaver closed it by appealing to the deities of “many different faiths,” implying they are all the same.

“We ask it in the name of the monotheistic God, Brahma, and ‘god’ known by many names by many different faiths,” said Cleaver.

“Amen and a-woman,” he closed, in an apparent attempt to render the word fair to both sexes.

Daily Wire

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