GO WOKE, GO BROKE: Major Retailer Hit with 90% Loss After Pushing Trans Gear on Youth, Chest Binders, Packing Underwear

Wokeism is a destructive, uncontrollable creature, much like "Godzilla," a huge, rampaging beast. Godzilla eats and destroys everything in its path, and so does wokeism.

Professional sports leagues and large organizations appear to be the "wokest of them all" despite the fact that many people have fallen victim to the "woke vacuum." They are most worried about offending these radical counterculture freaks.

However, they paid a price for their choices to submit to this enlightened philosophy. The fan base of numerous professional sports organizations and their leagues has been steadily declining. As a result, star players' salaries have decreased along with team revenues.

If they can’t put “butts in the seats,” every person in every professional sports organization suffers. It’s the same in the business world. Corporations, those weak enough to cave to woke culture, have watched as their “bottom line” slowly “bottoms out.”

Diversity and racial equality are two areas that woke culture unrealistically attacks as a problem in America. However, another belief system that has taken over wokeism by storm is transgender acceptance.

While discriminating against or being outright mean towards transgender Americans is wrong, there is no written rule that says we must agree with such a strange life choice. But one corporation decided to “bend the knee” to woke culture’s overbearing support for transgender.

Target tried to force a line of transgender-focused products on youth. They overstocked their shelves with various things targeted towards “transgender kids.” It wasn’t a good business decision. Target experienced a 90 percent loss during this period.

During the second quarter of 2022, Target reported earnings of $183 million. Last year, in the second-quarter for the same period, net income was $1.82 billion. In the first quarter of 2022, profits dropped 52 percent compared to 2021’s first quarter.

Those types of profit losses rival what happened to K-Mart. We all know the resulting decisions from that type of devastating hit to company profits. The once proud big-box store has all but been obliterated from the American retail landscape.

Is Target next? K-Mart suffered from overwhelming competition from the likes of Walmart and Amazon. They simply did not keep up with changing market conditions. However, Target seems to have shot themselves in the foot.

They chose to pack their shelves with products that cater to a minute percentage of their customers. These aren’t poor business decisions; these are stupid decisions. It appears Target is yet another victim of “Go Woke, Go Broke!”

We wonder when these corporate clowns will wise up and say no to the idiotic, woke culture. If Americans continue to stand by their values, maybe not opening their wallets and pocketbooks will get the message across. If you want to “go woke,” the consumer will help you “go broke".

Photo Credit: Random Retail

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