GIRL FIGHT! Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Fires Back After Being Mocked by Congresswoman

The Democrats in Congress as just as nasty and provocative as they have even been and are once again looking to cause drama.

Here we are still waiting for our stimulus checks that Biden promised everyone once he took office. It's not been over a month and still, we're sitting here empty-handed.

However, they seem to have found the time to work on passing a nonsensical LGBTQ bill.

The Equality Act, which passed the bill, would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The bill is now on its way to the Senate where the outcome remains uncertain.

But remember, liberals can't tolerate anyone who disagrees with them, that's why so many conservatives are attacked by liberals.

One congresswoman, Rep. Marie Newman hates that freshman congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to black the Equality Act. She claims that MTG "believes prohibiting discrimination against trans Americans is "disgusting, immoral, and evil."

So what Rep. Newman did was put up a transgender flag outside of her office so that MTG would see it every time she opens her door since she is in the office directly across the hall.

She's so smug about it, too. But that's just how liberals behave when in public...or in private if we're being honest.

Well, MTG wasn't going to just stand by passively and let this woman try to intimidate her. Instead, she fought back.

She put up a poster right outside of her office that said, "There are TWO genders: Male and Female "Trust the Science!"

MTG tweeted,

"Our neighbor, @RepMarieNewman, wants to pass the so-called "Equality" Act to destroy women’s rights and religious freedoms.

Thought we’d put up ours so she can look at it every time she opens her door"

Regardless of how you feel about Marjorie Taylor Greene you've got to hand it to her on this one because what she did was really good. I just have the suspicion that the Democrats are going to claim that you can't hang stuff on the walls and therefore she needs to take it down, but we'll see.

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