Georgia Moves To Protect Certain Religious Agencies' Right To Choose [Details]

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In Atlanta, Georgia a new bill has been introduced to keep same-sex couples from being able to adopt from religious agencies. This was introduced on Tuesday just recently. It follows, “certain religious or moral convictions” as the morel of the adoptions.

State Sen. Marty Harbin, R-Tyrone, said Senate Bill 368 is intended to make sure the baby's birth mother is still able to make a choice with the child's upbringing.

More from WSB-TV:

A bill filed Tuesday would allow faith-based adoption agencies to refuse to place children with LGBTQ couples.

State Sen. Marty Harbin, R-Tyrone, said Senate Bill 368 is intended to “preserve choice” for birth mothers who want to ensure their child grows up in a particular religious background.

The bill would allow agencies to refuse to work with couples that violate “certain religious or moral convictions” the agency holds. Harbin said the legislation could apply to people including same-sex couples or atheists.

Having a faith-based agency following the rules of their religion and being backed by law isn't a terrible thing. After all, freedom to choose should go both ways if all thrings truly are equal.

“This would not limit any adoption agency. We want to make sure the First Amendment right to free exercise is in place. This preserves and protects agencies with these values ... and gives women more options rather than less.” -Harbin

There was a bill that was introduced just like this one and it failed in the past. However, Gov. Brian Kemp has left adoption open for any stand like LGBTQ and said to just leave it be. He exclaimed, “When the time comes.” as his stance with this bill. But with a couple of other southern states taking a stand Georgia reissued this bill. It has made a lot of same-sex couples go to neighboring states, however, Speaker David Ralston has said: “I will advocate very strongly that not get held up again.”


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