Georgia Election Operative Gabe Sterling Gets Caught Telling a Boldfaced Lie

Evidence of voter fraud keeps pouring out of states such as Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia like fire ants from their hole after their nest gets kicked. Motivated investigators are kicking at the heart of the 2020 Presidential Election fraud.

They’re stirring up mounds of evidence to prove there was widespread corruption. What is even more astonishing are the lengths certain people are going to cover it up. Many of them are clearly having problems keeping their stories straight.

It becomes more befuddling when the lies are coming from individuals who proclaim to be “a Republican longer than you’ve been alive”. Those were the words tweeted in June by one GOP Georgia election official.

For Gabe Sterling, the lies are not working. In states such as Georgia, where supposed Republican officials are turning out to be co-conspirators to the fraud, it raises serious questions. Why would Republican officials clearly turn a blind eye towards blatant fraud?

In addition, it’s fraud that cost a party candidate an election. Baffling would put it mildly. Some experts insist that by following the money trail, we may expose a great deal more than just a few thousand fraudulent votes.

The often controversial pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood first called out some odd financial dealings between the State of Georgia and Gabe Sterling. In a November 2020 tweet, Wood indicated his suspicions about what chunk of an $11 million grant, “Sterling Innovation” received?

It seemed all too convenient that Sterling went on TV to deny that any voter fraud happened in Georgia. Less than a year after Sterling’s odd contradiction to the obvious, evidence was revealed that there were complete batches of duplicate ballots unearthed.

Each of these ballots, dug up in Fulton County, Georgia, was scanned multiple times. This is after Sterling proclaimed, with a liar’s straight face, that there were “no duplicate ballots”. The evidence disputes Sterling’s bogus proclamations. Not a good look for a supposed Republican.

What’s even stranger is how much in chorus, Sterling has stayed with the song-and-dance used by Georgia Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger. An election integrity group, working to uncover the truth in Georgia, made another astonishing discovery.

Despite so-called “hand recounts”, VoterGA says that the reporting error rate in Fulton County, Georgia alone was over 60 percent. Thousands of fraudulent multi-counted ballots were uncovered, every single one of them for Biden.

This is not only a huge discrepancy, but clearly enough to flip Georgia upside down for President Trump. This type of fraud also happened in Arizona and Michigan. Each time investigators kick open another piece of evidence, the indisputable becomes undeniable.

Joe Biden did not actually win the 2020 Presidential Election. He cheated. However, with so many liberal roadblocks being set up to stop the truth, how can we ever be certain? One way is to follow the money trail. Liberal big-money donors and social media giants fueled the steal.

This trail of financial corruption will lead us right to the front door of voter fraud. It will unveil such Biden accomplices as Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros. But it’s also going to reveal a number of crooked Republicans; corrupt GOP’s paid off to stop President Trump’s reelection.

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