Georgia Credit Union Upsets Some Customers - UPDATED

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On Wednesday, The Georgia United Credit Union clarifying comments:

  • GUCU is not barring members from purchasing firearms. GUCU members may use their debit cards for these purposes.
  • The GUCU User Agreement described in this article is for use with their person-to-person payment service, which is operated through a third-party provider and allows for transactions using a phone or email. The terms described are required by the third-party providers.
  • The person-to-person services are not mandatory, but when members opt in, the terms apply.


The Georgia United Credit Union has recently sparked controversy and widespread criticism by updating its User Agreement to restrict purchases of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories.

The new policy, posted in their online agreement, prohibits users from conducting transactions related to these items through the credit union's services. Along with weapons and knives regulated under applicable law, the credit union has also included sexually oriented goods and services in its list of prohibited payments.

The credit union, which has locations throughout Georgia but is primarily situated in the Atlanta metropolitan area, has received significant backlash for its decision. Many Georgians, particularly those outside of Atlanta, have expressed their outrage over the restriction of a constitutional right. The ownership of firearms is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, and the credit union's policy has been met with frustration and disappointment from pro-Second Amendment advocates.

It is worth noting that the Georgia United Credit Union is a private financial institution and therefore has the right to determine which transactions they will allow. However, their decision has not been well-received by the public.

The credit union's policy seems to be a clear demonstration of the "woke" culture that has become increasingly prevalent in society, prioritizing political correctness and social justice over fundamental constitutional rights.

This move by the credit union is reminiscent of other companies and institutions that have gone "woke" and suffered backlash as a result. Examples such as the National Football League's declining ratings and attendance following their support for the kneeling protests, or Gillette's controversial commercial about toxic masculinity, demonstrate how going woke can lead to going broke. The Georgia United Credit Union may soon learn this hard lesson if the outcry from the public and the potential loss of customers continue.

The policy's prohibition of sexually oriented goods and services also raises eyebrows. It is puzzling how a credit union, focused on financial services, is concerned with regulating the purchase of such products. This decision has given rise to speculation and criticism, with some questioning the values and priorities of the credit union's leadership team.

Georgia, as a state, has a strong pro-Second Amendment culture. The credit union's policy may bring about significant consequences, not just in terms of their financial success but also in terms of their reputation and relationship with their customers. Disgruntled members of the credit union are already voicing their intention to switch to alternative financial institutions that do not restrict their rights.

This turn of events is significant, not just for the Georgia United Credit Union but for the wake-up call it may be for other companies and institutions that have adopted a similar "woke" stance. It serves as a reminder that businesses and organizations that prioritize political correctness over customer values and beliefs may risk alienating their customer base.

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