Gavin Newsom Proves His Hypocrisy Yet Once Again by Visiting Forbidden Territory

I don't think that there is any governor who is more of a hypocrite than California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Time and time again during the pandemic, he was caught violating his own mandates and ordinances. For example, he ordered businesses to shut down, yet allowed for his own winery to remain open.

Then there was another occasion where he was caught at a restaurant without a mask and with a group of people. Of course, he just made a pathetic fake apology because he was caught, but you know that he doesn't care. We're not stupid.

Well, if you'll recall, within the last year or so, Gavin Newsom banned travel from California to certain states because of their stance on certain policies such as banning LGBTQ+ garbage and banning abortion.

One of these states that was included in this ban was Montana. Well...I bet you can't guess where Gavin Newsom flew to on vacation this past week, can you? You guessed it, Montana.

And the fact that his office was so unwilling to disclose the location proves that he knows that he's being a hypocrite about it.

The obvious issue that arises in this situation is: Did the governor's trip use any taxpayer money, even for the most essential security? Democrats in the state should refrain from visiting these states when on vacation if visiting them in official capacity bothers them so much. State officials will inevitably find themselves in circumstances like this if they set criteria that are difficult to meet.

States are free to have different stances on issues, but it is certainly overkill to outright forbid state-funded travel to these locations. In a nation where political polarization is a problem, California is setting the bar for division and hostility toward the rest of the country.

Newsom has a history of not letting the media know where he will be going. In 2021, Newsom had been virtually invisible for about two weeks when she first spotted him at a Getty family wedding.

I'm curious as to whether the governor will soon start broadcasting television commercials in Montana to match his ire toward Florida.

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