Gavin Newsom Points Gun at Cameraman While Calling for Strict Gun Control (VIDEO)

The United States is being destroyed as the public watches from the outside. Joe Biden is an absolute moron. It's not a dig at his character, which he doesn't have much of, but rather a statement of fact about him. Joe Biden has not been successful in anything he has undertaken.

In reality, every plan he makes is a complete failure. He is ruining the nation with his extremist political agenda. Because of how awful things are, even Democrats oppose Joe Biden's consideration of a second term. And  Kamala Harris is his co-pilot, assisting him in guiding this "ship heading for failure."

Harris is viewed by Americans as nothing more than a showpiece who was the proper gender and skin tone to get the job.  It's difficult to believe that she is a bigger failure than her boss. So, who do the Democrats have if both members of the present administration are "less-than-appealing" candidates to run for president in 2024?

Other than “actually no one”, California’s “once-recalled” liberal governor, Gavin Newsom, has gravitated up the ladder of hopelessness. But after watching his abysmal performance in his own state, how Newsom could provide much of a presidential challenge outside of California is befuddling.

Nevertheless, he is making the top-10 list of possible Democrat Party nominees. That says a lot about the state of the party. About all that Gavin Newsom has going for him is pretty hair. That might work for Hollywood, but it doesn’t fly in everyday America.

Ignorance also doesn’t sit well with most voters. Bad policies and job failures resonate even louder, and Newsome has a long list of failures. Just looking at how his liberal policies have helped destroy California’s biggest cities, it’s hard to imagine how Newsom overcame a recall for his current job.

The guy’s a total buffoon. Recently, Newsom signed a pair of baseless pieces of gun legislation. One part of the California gun control law bans so-called “ghost guns”. The other piece of the two-part legislation focuses on marketing strategies targeting younger audiences.

That’s not the problem. Newsom was actually just doing his job for the liberal gun-grabbing majority in California. Neither of these measures is going to have a noticeable impact on what plagues California’s big cities. That problem involves radical liberal prosecutors.

But as worthless as these two gun control measures are, Newsom still had to put on a “Hollywood-style show.” However, this Hollywood gun show backfired on him. In the video, Newsom attacks the U.S. Supreme Court directly.

He insisted that the court lacked common decency and didn’t understand the AR-15 gun in particular. But then Newsom started to drift towards the theater of the absurd. He tried to wax poetically, “This is an AR-15, a weapon of war, a weapon of mass destruction.”

Is a rifle a weapon of mass destruction? We thought weapons of mass destruction were various types of massive bombs. But not to be outdone by his over-exaggerated attempt at theater, Newsom then committed one of the stupidest things anyone holding a gun could do.

He aimed the so-called “weapon of mass destruction” right at the cameraman. That’s a perfect look for his Hollywood-scripted propaganda video, but a total taboo among “real gun owners.” This stunt proved how ignorant Newsom and most of the liberal left are about guns.

He proved he’s clueless about how to safely handle a firearm. The California Governor showed America that he knows absolutely nothing about firearms. But he’s boasting about legislation as if he does. Gavin Newsom is part of the elite liberal ruling class.

Only Californians are foolish enough to elect him as a leader. Americans must see this charlatan for what he is. Gavin Newsom pretends to be smart. His hairdo and Hollywood profile might be snappy, but he’d continue to drag our great nation down the road towards destruction.

If by some chance, Democrats feel this clown is their best shot at the White House in 2024, voters must tell Californians to just keep him. America doesn’t need a flashy numskull with perfect hair. We need a strong leader, and that’s something Gavin Newsom is not.

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