Gang Member is Arrested After Kidnapping a 82-Year-old man and Forcing him to pay for Several Hour Long Shopping Spree

A California gang member with a very long criminal record dating back 30 years kidnapped an elderly man of the age 82, from his home and forced him to shell out money for food, alcohol, and clothes during an hourslong shopping spree local police said.

Sergio Magaña Arechiga, 50, was burglarizing the home of the 82-year-old on June 9. When the elderly man came home, unaware someone was in his home, according to police.

The elderly man said he was about to sit down for a zoom meeting with his fellow church members when Sergio Magaña Arechiga attacked him.

Arechiga knocked the man to the ground and chocked him with his forearm pinned on his neck. The suspect threatened the life of the elderly man's wife, saying he would kill her if he didn't cooperate.

Arechiga then forced the victim who didn't want to be identified into his own car and filled it with all the stolen items from the house and made the man withdraw money from an ATM and take him on a shopping spree, according to police.

According to DailyMail

A gang member with an extensive rap sheet has been arrested for kidnapping an elderly man and forcing him to pay for food, alcohol and clothing on an hours-long shopping spree.

Sergio Magaña Arechiga, 50, was taken into custody last Friday, where he was charged over the ordeal, which took place in Santa Ana, California on June 9.

According to police, Arechiga broke into the 82-year-old victim's home on the evening of that date.

The elderly man was just sitting down to a church Zoom meeting, when he was allegedly kicked to the ground and choked by Arechiga.

Arechiga told the victim he would kill his wife if he did not co-operate, according to a report in The OC Register. 

Investigators assert that Arechiga then forced the elderly man out of his home and into his car, where the pair then drove around for hours.

Arechicga reportedly purchased food, alcohol and clothing using the victim's cash and credit cards.

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