Future Democrat Toddler Takes Swing at Police and Curses at Him! (VIDEO)

Over the past 20 years or so, the Democratic Party has undergone a significant transformation. The party's more moderate beliefs are still upheld by some moderate Democrats. However, the Democratic Party's core has been supplanted by radical progressives.

This is hardly your “grandfather’s working class party.” Democrats have claimed to be the party of working-class Americans for many years. That's definitely not true anymore. In actuality, the Democratic Party has changed to become the party of liberal oligarchs and global elites.

It took time for liberal political ideologies in America to undergo this significant shift. It has been propelled by a dramatic philosophical shift that has taken place in our nation's educational system. College and university years serve as the last "grooming" for a radical Marxist philosophy.

For the better part of 40 years, liberals have quietly worked to indoctrinate our young people into believing a Marxist-style socialist government model is a good thing. It’s not. This government ideology believes in a low-income working class supporting an elite class of rulers.

It’s communism. But the liberal indoctrination of children, efforts to groom them as good little socialist followers, has been exposed. These radicals are teaching children to view the world through a racist lens. It’s not about your character, it’s all about your skin color.

They are also taught to defy authority. One incident in St. Paul, Minnesota puts an exclamation point on how our children are being brainwashed into believing this radical ideology is the way to behave. Two young children were videoed interacting with police officers.

They were not polite and respectful, which is how most of us were taught to address law enforcement. In fact, it was the complete opposite. The video shows one toddler cussing and taking swings at police officers. The toddler screams, “F*** off b****!” at the police officers.

There were other children in the group yelling obscenities as well. One older child, one you might think would know better, was actually encouraging the vulgar tirade. Minneapolis/St. Paul was one of the leading cities trying to defund their police departments.

The amount of disrespect for law enforcement has been tantamount to how people view the police. Through the actions of disrespectful adults, children are being taught to disrespect authority. This has triggered some of the worst surges in crime in our nation’s history.

People no longer respect law enforcement. It’s a direct result of the disrespectful and hateful rhetoric used by radicals within the Democrat Party. It’s disgraceful. One person summed it up perfectly; “Unfortunately, it’s becoming quite normal. Kids reflect what they see, what they hear.”

“Wokeism and political correctness have taught them to demand, to curse, to resist, to hate, to disrespect.” The elites, with their Marxist ideology, must first destroy the fabric of our society. The radical left is tearing the country apart, starting with our children. They must be stopped.

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