Fox News Reporter Calls Out Psaki on Double Standard, Her Response is Pathetic

I've got to admit, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy is one of the best reporters for the network that I've seen in some time.

It's quite refreshing to have someone who doesn't seem like a RINO calling out Jen Psaki on all of her and the Biden regime's double standards and hypocrisy.

There are still times where he could have smashed a home run and whiffed, but for the most part he does fairly well in embarrassing the administration.

Earlier this week, Doocy called out Psaki for the double standard that they have with people coming into the country and their vaccination status.

"I have a question about what’s going on at the border is somebody asking the foreign nationals who are walking in and Del Rio, Texas and setting up camps on this side of the border for proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test?...That’s the policy for people who fly into the country. So if somebody walks into the country, right across the river, does somebody asked them to see their vaccination card?"

Here was Psaki's pathetic response:

"Well, let me explain to you again, Peter, how our process works. As individuals, as individuals come across the border, and they are both assessed for whether they have any symptoms, if they have symptoms they are, the intention is for them to be quarantined, that is our process. They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time. I don’t think it’s the same thing. It’s not the same thing. These are individuals, as we’ve noted, and as we’ve been discussed, we’re expelling individuals based on Title 42, specifically because of COVID, because we want to prevent a scenario where large numbers of people are gathering, posing a threat to the community and also to the migrants themselves. So, those are the policies that we put in place, in large part because, again, the CDC continues to recommend Title 42 to be in place given we’re facing a global pandemic."

Since when does the virus give flying you-know-what if someone is planning on staying in the country or not? They've making it a requirement for people to fly to the country who won't be staying here very long for the most part, yet they are required to show their card?

But on the other hand, this bimbo thinks that these hundreds of thousands of immigrants aren't staying going to be staying here for an extended period of time? What does she think they're coming over here for? a nice little vacation?

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