Fox News Reporter Calls Out Jen Psaki After Biden Tries to Con America with New "Infrastructure Bill" (VIDEO)

Late last week, Joe Biden took time out of his "busy day" to hold a little...presser (if one can call it that.)

I hesitate to call it a conference because all of his speeches are completely from scripts and his handlers don't allow him to take questions from people unless they are pre-screened and biased in his favor.

The presser had to do with the announcement of a new infrastructure bill for the country.

He's calling this thing a "once in a lifetime investment". He's full of crap. We're not stupid enough to believe that. They literally just finished signing a $2 trillion bill and now they're getting ready for another one.

The way that he has dressed it up is as an "infrastructure bill". Biden tried selling everyone on the idea that some major bridges need some serious work. These are bridges that he claims are vitally important to interstate commerce.

But truth be told, only a small fraction of the bill will actually go towards infrastructure.

The plan -- according to sources familiar with the details who spoke to the Post -- provides only $650 billion for roads, bridges, highways, and ports.

Also in the plan, the sources said: $400 billion for home care for the elderly and the disabled, $300 billion for housing, $300 billion to revive U.S. manufacturing, and $400 billion in clean-energy credits.

Hundreds of billions of dollars have been set aside to boost America's electric grid and nationwide high-speed broadband, and to work on water systems to make sure people have clean drinking water, the sources said.

The details could change before the announcement; final negotiations were still taking place, the sources told the Post.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said tax increases — mostly on corporations — would fund the initiatives. Most of former President Donald Trump's 2017 tax law would be undone by the tax hikes, according to the Post's sources.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy actually called out White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on this blanket that Biden is trying to pull over everyone's eyes.

What's worse, is that Democrat House Majority White James Clyburn even admitted that this bill has little to do with infrastructure.



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