Fox News Continues To Bend The Knee

Fox News has agreed to pay $12 million to formerTucker Carlson Tonight producer Abby Grossberg as part of a settlement of her two lawsuits against the network.

Grossberg, 42, filed the suit back in April 2023, claiming Fox News was a hostile and discriminatory environment and that it pressured her to lie in a deposition related to the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit.

Fox agreed to settle the case Friday, ending Grossberg's claims, and issued a statement saying that the matter has beenresolved without further litigation.

Despite the settlement, the former producer believes her claims raised an issue that still needs to be addressed.

I am hopeful, based on our discussions with Fox News today, that this resolution represents a positive step by the Network regarding its treatment of women and minorities in the workplace, Grossberg said in a statement released by her attorney.I still stand by my original claims against the network, but I am heartened that Fox News has taken me and my legal claims seriously.

In her two lawsuits, Grossberg alleged that male producers on Carlsons show made crude jokes and that Tucker Carlson himself had made sexist and racist remarks. She also accused the networks legal team of trying to pressure her into lying in her deposition for the Dominion lawsuit.

When Grossberg first filed her lawsuits, Carlson denied knowing her and Fox News called her claimsbaseless.

Justin Wells, the former top producer atTucker Carlson Tonight who was named in the hostile work environment lawsuit, released a statement saying,We deny Ms. Grossbergs claims and allegations against Tucker Carlson and his team. Nevertheless, we are glad that Fox has settled this matter and that all sides can move forward.

Grossberg's dismissal was one of several recent company shakeups and high-profile legal matters for Fox News. The network settled the Dominion lawsuit, which was filed over Carlsons remarks about the 2020 election, for $787.5 million in May. Several days later, Carlson was abruptly fired and his show was canceled.

Grossbergs settlement brings closure to her claims against Fox News, Carlson, and other workplace figures. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting workers rights and providing a fair and inclusive workplace.

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