Former House Speaker Gives BOLD Prediction on How GOP Will Perform in Midterms

Since 1934, during the midterm elections, only three sitting U.S. Presidents have gained seats in the House of Representatives. Franklin D. Roosevelt successfully added nine fellow Democrats in both the House and the Senate.

Other than FDR, only George W. Bush added seats in both Houses of Congress during a midterm. Bill Clinton is the third president to have improved his party’s numbers in the House of Representatives. Historically, the party occupying the White House suffers in the midterms.

Many believe the moderate majority vote in America is responsible, hoping to maintain a bipartisan balance of power at the federal level. Nevertheless, it’s also very possible that the current performance of a sitting president is another key factor in voters’ minds.

As an example, after gaining nine seats in the House and the Senate, Roosevelt followed that up with a second term thrashing during the midterm elections. Roosevelt lost 81 seats in the House of Representatives and seven in the Senate.

Twelve times during this 88-year span, the sitting president lost at least two dozen seats in the House. Only Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower lost double-digit seats in the U.S. Senate. Barack Obama came close in 2014, dropping nine Senate seats to Republicans.

Many of these presidents had at least somewhat respectable approval ratings with voters. The man currently taking up space in the White House does not. Joe Biden has watched his approval rating plummet almost from the minute he took the oath of office.

Americans began to see the true problem as he began to slash away at successful policies, acts done out of spite for President Trump. Joe Biden spewed one lie after another on the campaign trail. The biggest lie was that he was going to govern using a bipartisan approach.

He has not. Biden is also nowhere near the moderate he has often claimed to be. In fact, most don’t believe Joe Biden is even calling the shots at the White House. Every policy from the Biden administration has been an abject failure, regardless of who is making them.

He has embarrassed himself and the nation. His pick for a running mate was nothing more than a nod to the liberal left. Kamala Harris has made things worse for Democrats. Collectively, Americans are growing increasingly wary about the direction of the country.

As to one of the single-most defining areas in elections, the economy, Americans are watching prices soar. The Biden-created Inflation is destroying the lives of millions of Americans. If it is “all about the economy, stupid” we can expect the Democrats to take a beating in November.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich knows a thing or two about midterm elections. Gingrich benefited from the 52-seat landslide during Bill Clinton’s 1994 midterm debacle. In speaking with FOX News’ Maria Bartiromo, Gingrich made a startling prediction for the 2022 midterms.

Most political experts clearly expect that Republicans will take back control of the House of Representatives. The U.S. Senate races are considered to be much tighter. Nonetheless, Gingrich is projecting a landslide far worse than most.

Gingrich told Bartiromo, “I think we’ll pick up between 25 and 70 seats in the House. We’ll probably pick up about four seats in the Senate.” The former speaker insists that the Biden administration has “totally lost its way.”

Despite a recent attempt by the corrupt mainstream media to create a division in the Republican Party, Gingrich believes that Kevin McCarthy will be the next House Speaker. Gingrich repeated that he believes Republicans will take at least four seats in tight U.S. Senate races.

In his home state of Georgia, Gingrich feels Herschel Walker will overwhelm the incumbent Democrat, Raphael Warnock. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, a former Democrat Party presidential candidate, believes that her party is in for a shellacking as well.

Most do not believe that the war in Ukraine will provide enough distraction for voters. Trying to ramrod unpopular policies will make things even worse. Gingrich analyzed why he believes the 2022 midterms will be even more overwhelming for Democrats than some are predicting.

He said, “I think that people like Herschel Walker are going to do very, very well. In addition, I would say that if you are in a district that Biden carried by less than 15-20 points, you’re in great danger as a Democrat.” Midterm elections are historically bad for sitting presidents.

They are even more devastating for sitting presidents who are doing a poor job. No president in U.S. history has done a worse job than Joe Biden. In November, the crooked Democrat Party responsible for cheating to get Biden into the White House is going to pay, and pay dearly.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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