Former Gubernatorial Candidate Supported by Kamala Harris Indicted on 21 Felonies

People who aren't qualified for their jobs seem to be something we run into quite frequently. They are not capable of managing the responsibilities of such a job, and they do not have sufficient intelligence or ambition to learn how to do it. Today's best illustration is the Vice President's Office of the United States of America.

Kamala Harris is not qualified to hold the position of vice president. She was selected by the radical progressive left to serve as a token running mate for an elderly candidate who was similarly unqualified. In a period of time shorter than two years, the Biden/Harris ticket has demonstrated why voters need to exercise more common sense when casting their ballots.

In addition to the millions of votes cast in questionable faith for the Biden/Harris ticket, which may or may not have earned them, millions of Americans cast their ballots out of spite. These spineless cowards came to the conclusion that they did not like reading "mean tweets." They fell for the con and lost. Our entire country is currently footing the bill for it.

Beyond the total failures of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris has actually done worse. Her policy decisions, when given anything of substance to tackle, have been horrible. As the “border czar”, Kamala has done nothing. Kamala Harris’s approval rating is worse than Joe Biden’s.

She is a minority figurehead elected to fit a narrative. Her judgment, both on and off camera, has been equally terrible. Kamala Harris makes bad decisions. She always has. A recent development relating back to the 2018 Florida gubernatorial race exemplifies her bad judgment.

Kamala Harris was “all in” behind Andrew Gillum, the Democrat Party’s gubernatorial candidate against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Gillum was the liberal mayor of Florida’s state capital, Tallahassee. He was essentially a failure at that job.

Despite a tremendously close race, Florida voters exercised enough good judgment not to elect Gillum. Now, it appears that judgment is being justified. Almost immediately after the conclusion of the 2018 race for governor, Gillum’s legal issues started.

In March 2020, law enforcement discovered Gillum passed out unconscious in a Miami hotel room. Two men were lying beside him, both suffering from a drug overdose. There was crystal meth found in the room, and Gillum was allegedly intoxicated when he was awakened.

Later, in 2020, Gillum announced that he was bisexual. Prior to this bizarre incident in Miami, Gillum was fined $5,000 by the Florida Commission on Ethics. In 2019, he was caught using campaign funds to entice lobbyists, a violation of Florida statute.

But then the wheels fell off Andrew Gillum’s little red wagon. The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Florida, Jason R. Coody, has issued 21 federal indictments against Gillum. The list includes 19 counts of wire-tap fraud and conspiracy. The man’s a crook.

Despite his legal counsel’s insistence that Gillum is innocent, the evidence is damning. What’s even more damning is Kamala Harris’s opinion of Gillum as a politician. Harris actually threw her full support behind the crooked former Tallahassee mayor ahead of the 2018 race.

After winning the Democrat Party primary, Harris tweeted, “Congratulations to Andrew Gillum on his historic victory in tonight's primary. He’s a strong, progressive leader, and will make a great Governor of Florida!” I guess she forgot to mention the part that he’s also a genuine criminal.

Clay Travis asked a question that is probably on the minds of many Floridians. Travis noted that Gillum lost the governor’s race by roughly 33,000 votes. As Travis exclaimed, “How much different would the state of Florida look if Andrew Gillum was in charge?”

He said this may be “the most consequential governor’s election in the 21st century.” But even beyond the clear lack of integrity from Andrew Gillum, what’s it say about Kamala? It says that Harris either has horrible judgment or, likewise, an equal lack of character, or maybe both.

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