Former Dem State Rep. Caught on Camera Trying To Meet Up With a 14 Year Old Boy for Sex

Former Dem politician by the name of Matt Trowbridge, who was a former candidate for state rep in Massachusetts, was caught on camera by a group of pedophile hunters trying to meet up with a 14-year-old-boy for sex.

He was busted by a group called “Predator Poachers” who set up would-be pedophiles online and confronts and films them when they go to meet.

Trowbridge sent sexually explicit messages to the person that he believed to be a 14-year-old boy before going to their house to prey on them. When Trowbridge was told that the person he was speaking to was “14 turning 15,” he responded with “nice.”

The video shows “Predator Poachers” walking into an apartment building where Trowbridge was waiting to meet a 14-year-old. Trowbridge instantly knows he's in trouble as he says, "ahh dude," covers his face with his hand and tries running to his car.

According to WayneDupree

A group that calls themselves “Predator Poachers” claims to do the same type of work that NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” did…They claim to set up would-be pedophiles online in a “sting” operation and then film them when they go to meet supposed “children” for sex.

They recently published a video of an alleged “sting” operation they claim involved a former Dem politician by the name of Matt Trowbridge.

The alleged text messages that Predator Poachers claim are between them and Mr. Trowbridge are just far too graphic for me to post here. Just take my word for it, they’re disgusting.

The filming of the so-called “sting” begins when Mr. Trowbidge is reportedly at the agreed-upon location to meet the child – according to the alleged text messages, it was at the boy’s apartment after his mother left for work.

That’s when the Predator Poacher member greets Mr. Trowbidge, who appears to immediately sense that he’s in some trouble because he quickly takes off.

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