Former CEO of Goldman Sachs Warns that Americans Should Brace for a Recession

Have you wondered where all the radically charged, insanely committed progressive Democrats have gone? Do you remember when these hair-on-fire anti-President Trumpers were blasting away on social media about how critical it was to elect Joe Biden in order to “save democracy”?

Have you noticed how the corrupt corporate media is even starting to turn on the man they manipulated an election for? Do you ever wonder where they all went? We’ll tell you where they went. They’re hiding out of utter embarrassment.

Because of their unfounded hatred towards a successful president who just happened to “tweet a lot”, they’ve helped set in motion the destruction of our country. Joe Biden and all his wild-eyed progressive policies have been a complete failure. He has done absolutely nothing right.

The crooked mainstream media bears a great deal of the responsibility. Night after night, they sold a false load of goods to their listeners. Corrupt, liberal kowtowing Big Tech is responsible as well. They helped manipulate the election narrative.

Collectively, these two entities helped Joe Biden steal his way into the White House. Our country has been in a downward spiral since the day he took the oath of office. It is not going to get better. On his first day in office, Biden launched an energy crisis.

Gas prices are at an all-time high. Since Biden denounced successful U.S. immigration policies, millions of illegal migrants have flooded our southern border. Soon, the crisis is going to get even worse.

Biden’s open border policies have helped criminal drug cartels smuggle tons of illegal drugs into our nation. More young Americans have died from drug overdoses than at any time in our country’s history. They’ve died because ignorant voters thought Joe Biden was a nice guy.

Our nation was embarrassed by Joe Biden’s total debacle in Afghanistan. We are less safe, and our adversaries think there’s a coward in the White House. Regardless of what media pundits say, the Biden administration has done little to nothing to help Ukraine. It’s a smokescreen.

But the economic destruction this administration has caused may turn out to be the most devastating. The Biden economic policies have triggered the worst inflation our country has endured in over 40 years.

Many experts predict it is going to get far worse. The stock market has slowly started to fail as well. Collectively, the economic signs for Americans are grim. Lloyd Blankfein is one of these experts. Blankfein is the former CEO of Goldman Sachs.

He knows his economics. When brilliant financial minds such as Blankfein say something, people need to take notice. Are Joe Biden’s economic advisers paying attention? No, they are not. As a result, Blankfein insists that Americans should prepare for worsening economic times.

The former CEO says the U.S. is driving headlong into a recession. While he told CBS’ Margaret Brennan that a recession was not a foregone conclusion, Blankfein urged Americans to brace for economic hard times. This sounds like a purposefully tempered warning.

Blankfein said on Face the Nation, “It’s definitely a risk. If I were running a big company, I would be very prepared for it. If I was a consumer, I’d be prepared for it.” Other experts believe that without drastic measures, the U.S. economy could fail even more.

Some economic scholars caution that the perfect mix of a sluggish economy and a rapid fall in the stock market could trigger financial hardship only rivaled by the Great Depression. But who do we have to thank for potentially the worst economic disaster in nearly 100 years?

The same person, who has flooded our borders with illegal migrants, embarrassed our nation on the international stage and fumbles his words while reading off a teleprompter. Joe Biden is a buffoon. We still wonder where all the liberal voices are? Today, all we hear are crickets.

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