Forensic Expert Finds 50,000 Duplicate Ballots

As the controversy surrounding the 2020 U.S. Presidential election continues, a new report from forensic expert Erich Speckin has shed light on potential irregularities in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

According to the report, which was conducted by a team of forensic experts led by Speckin, there were over 50,000 non-unique tabulator CVR numbers and duplicate ballot scans in the county's voting system. The report suggests that there may have been significant irregularities in the way that votes were counted in Allegheny County.

“Many of these images have similar defects in the printing/copying process which would indicate common source of production, but different than the remaining examined ballots. Clearly in the mail in counting area, a random printing defect that may have existed in mailing out of ballots could not consistently come back and be counted on the same scanner. Therefore, a printing defect on the printing side of the ballot creation is not the likely cause of this anomaly.”

While it is unclear what impact these irregularities may have had on the outcome of the election, they are sure to fuel further speculation about potential voter fraud.

People have been quick to seize on these findings as evidence that there was indeed widespread fraud during the 2020 election arguing that this is just one more piece of evidence that supports their claims, which it may be. While they do suggest that there may have been irregularities in Allegheny County's voting system, more research will need to be done before any definitive conclusions can be drawn.

In the course of his research, Speckin came to the conclusion that more than 170 ballots appeared to have been scanned multiple times. This was determined by analyzing all markings on the ballot images supplied by the county and then comparing those with ballot pictures that displayed "similar markings". The review of ballots that were potentially duplicated is still in progress; AuditTheVotePA is reporting that there are currently 252 such ballot examples.

Speckin's investigation revealed an alarming number of duplicate CVR numbers on eight of the tabulators used for scanning and counting votes in the county. Although some of the CVR numbers were repeated twice, others had been counted three times. A total of over 50,000 instances of non-unique tabulator CVR numbers were observed.

Despite this uncertainty, Speckin's report is sure to add fuel to an already heated debate about the integrity of our electoral process. As we move forward as a country, it is important that we continue to investigate any potential irregularities and ensure that our elections are fair and transparent.

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