Following Chris Cuomo's Termination from CNN, Calls Grow to Oust Another Anchor

Last week, we were all celebrating the fact that liberal nut job Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN.

How much of a moron do you really have to be to get fired from CNN? You've really got to be a screw-up because Cuomo should have been fired years ago, yet it was only last week that CNN finally did something about it.

Now, there is talk going around about another anchor who is facing calls for termination, Don Lemon.

During the Jussie Smollett trial, it was revealed that CNN hack job Don Lemon tipped Smollett to let him know that the police weren't believing his story.

According to the Daily Wire,

Former “Empire” star Jussie Smollett testified Monday that he did not immediately hand over his cell phone to authorities partly because CNN’s Don Lemon texted him saying that the Chicago police did not believe his claims that two men attacked him and hurled racial and homophobic epithets at the gay black actor.

… In testimony, Smollett partly clarified why he did not initially give over his phone by stating that “he declined to give his phone to CPD in part because earlier he’d gotten a text from Don Lemon ‘saying he’d gotten a text from CPD saying they don’t believe me,’” according to Chicago Tribune reporter Megan Crepeau.

Crepeau noted that Smollett said he also had a private photo on the device, as well as contact information for “my boss, everybody, my mom, my family, my siblings, there are extremely important activists in my phone, extremely important executives and actors and actresses and singers.”

It is unclear what the text message from Don Lemon allegedly said.

Jack Posobiec tweeted something that really makes you wonder exactly just how severe what Don Lemon did could potentially be.

All of these anchors are a disgrace to what it means to report the news and the entire network should be dismantled, but as long as brainwashed rich liberals keep donating to keep them afloat, they're never going to change.

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