UNHINGED: Five States Declaring Separation For This Insane Reasoning

Americans are becoming even more unhinged with every Election that takes place.

It has reached such a boiling point in our nation that many states and its people want to separate themselves from being a united nation. This is so sad that things have escalated so far to this point. Our ancestors worked so hard and died for us to be united and work in 'peace' together.

The Reds and Blues have completely disoriented people where they just want separation because of political views.

More from The Washington Times:

Separation fever is sweeping the nation as quixotic but tenacious bands of frustrated rural dwellers, suburbanites and conservatives seek to break free from states with legislatures increasingly controlled by liberal big cities and metropolitan strongholds.

“Oregon is controlled by the northwest portion of the state, Portland to Eugene. That’s urban land, and their decisions are not really representing rural Oregon.”

“They have their agenda and they’re moving forward with it, and they’re not listening to us.” Mike McCarter, president of Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho stated.

In Virginia, the newly elected Democratic majority’s progressive legislation on issues such as gun rights has spurred “Vexit,” or “Virginia exit,” a campaign to merge right-tilting rural counties into neighboring West Virginia that organizers say has the potential to catch fire nationwide.

“To be honest, if this works — you’ve got a lot of red areas in this country that are totally dominated by a blue metropolis.”

“If it works in Virginia, there’s no reason it can’t reshape the political map.” Vexit2020 leader Rick Boyer claims.

States not mentioned above are trying to follow suit. New York and California are a few. California has been trying for years to divide itself for years to create the 51st state to no avail.

The alarming thing about all this is that "rights" at which created the first civil war has nothing to really deal with this separation. It is more about political beliefs than anything else.

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