Five Missouri RINOs Concoct a Scheme to Endorse Themselves as “Pro-Life”

If someone actually stood for the conservative principles held by the majority of Americans who support life, they would not support funding Planned Parenthood with tax dollars. Nothing about Planned Parenthood is "pro-life." Planned Parenthood, on the other hand, pushes women to murder unborn children.

While providing little opportunity to advance the rights of the unborn, Planned Parenthood thinks that American taxpayers should foot the bill for abortions. The strongly left-wing organization really supports abortion up until delivery. Planned Parenthood is a "baby killing machine."

Liberals paint conservatives in a negative light by claiming they are totally opposed abortion. That is untrue. According to recent polls, Republican viewpoints are more in line with those of the ordinary American. Personally, the only instance I am okay with it is when the mother's life is in jeopardy.

Conservatives just want strict perimeters placed on the haphazard killing of innocent babies. It’s not rocket science, but the radical left keeps screaming, “My body, my choice!” What about the little body of the unborn baby? They quickly forget that part of the debate.

But there are even “so-called” Republicans who hold beliefs contrary to the mainstream conservative opinion. That’s fine. It’s our right as Americans to disagree on contentious topics. However, the problem arises when Republican candidates try to trick their voters.

Many political pundits call them “RINOs.” They’re basically “Republicans in Name Only.” They represent the policies and opinions that will serve them best on Capitol Hill. They are not truly interested in voting for laws and legislation that reflect the views of their constituents.

A case in point is legislation that funds Planned Parenthood. When a Republican representative votes to funnel taxpayer dollars to this contentious agency, it’s going to spur a conversation about their dedication to conservative values.

Apparently, a handful of Missouri RINOs decided to “pull the wool over their voters’ eyes.” Five of these RINOs lost their pro-life endorsements. It could prove critical to their political aspirations. So, did they come clean and plead for reason with their voters?

Nope, these five Missouri RINOs concocted a scheme to provide pro-life endorsements. Amazingly, after their votes to fund Planned Parenthood, a group called “Missouri Pro-Life” appeared out of nowhere. The group offered a resounding endorsement of the five.

There’s a strange fact about “Missouri Pro-Life”. Established on July 11, 2022, “Pathguide Law” formed the organization. Who is Pathguide Law? Pathguide Law is the law firm of a former Missouri State Representative. Kevin Corlew is now an attorney for them.

Before the ink was dry on the paperwork, these five RINOs had a positive pro-life endorsement. The endorsement includes a handful of conservative beliefs that these candidates do hold. But in big bold letters at the bottom, it states, “ENDORSED BY MISSOURI PRO-LIFE.”


These are the types of backstabbing conservatives President Trump warns Americans about. These people do not hold true conservative values. They hold the values of whatever scheme will get them elected or reelected to their cozy government job in Washington, D.C.

Furthermore, they’re no different from a progressive left, “policy du jour” swamp rat. They say they “support life”, but then they vote to hand cash to the biggest baby killing machine in the world. What a bunch hypocrites, and lying hypocrites at that!

Photo Credit: Facebook/Mike Cierpiot

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