FINALLY! Judge Makes Long-Awaited Ruling on January 6th Matter

There are a number of theories as to what happened on January 6 this year when thousands of protesters made their way into the Capitol building to demand an investigation into the election results.

All the people wanted was answers. Sure, it would have been nice if they would just overturn the results, but we all know that this is not how things work, not without an investigation first.

If the results showed that Joe Biden won fair and square, so be it. But we don't believe that he did.

Congress has failed to provide answers to the millions of people who they are supposed to represent, and dang it when the people tell Congress that they want something done, they need to do it, not ignore them.

People I implore you, do NOT forget this. Vote these cretins out of office in this next election. I don't care if we've got to wipe the slate completely clean.

There were very few Republicans who were willing to stand up for what the people were asking, everyone else can get the hell out.

Another thing that the people have been asking for since the event happened is that the video evidence be released of that day so we can see what really happened because we know that it wasn't any insurrection.

A judge has ruled against the government’s claim that releasing videos from the January 6th Trump rally would be a national security risk.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to all of the videos from the day that has been labeled an “insurrection” by the Democrats and media. Democrats have used this event to portray Trump supporters as “extremists” and President Trump as an instigator of a nefarious event at the Capitol.

The hypocrisy of the summer Americans had just endured with violence and destruction isn’t lost on anyone who has been paying attention. The only murder that happened on January 6th was committed by a Capitol Police officer who shot an unarmed woman.

Here is some of the new footage:

100% Fed Up

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