Feminist Scholar Proves Liberals Have Gone 100% MAD! "We Should Abolish the Family"

The idea that someone is a "scholar" generally implies that they have sophisticated views and are smart people. It's not even close to being accurate in the liberal academic environment we live in today, with everything turned upside down. In reality, some people who call themselves "scholars" are anything but.

Many of their ideas are completely absurd. Often, stupid would be a better descriptor. One such idiotic idea was recently expressed in a boisterously theatrical lecture at a major U.S. university. Sophie Lewis is a "so-called expert" in "feminist, trans, and queer politics and philosophy."

She recently had a speaking engagement at UMass Boston. The actual event she was the headline speaker for was named after her recent book, “Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation.”

Lewis is part of an alarming number of political radicals. She spews a socialistic ideology that screams for the obliteration of the family unit. Her beliefs follow in line with anarchical communism. It’s both foolish and dangerous.

These far-left ideologues want to destroy the core of American society. They claim to be prepared to replace it with a so-called utopian world. On the contrary, by destroying the fabric of family unity these elitists can produce a heartless, dystopian society.

But the liberal elite ruling class cannot control civilization without destroying the family. This is far from a new idea. It’s been tried many times before. However, it has never been successful. Indeed, societies that attempted to diminish the value of family have failed miserably.

Plato, the famous philosopher, had a similar thought. It was one of his “less noteworthy philosophical contributions” to society. No attempt at destroying the family has lasted more than a generation. Why have they all failed?

It’s because a family is built on the critical foundation of human connectivity. We are not robots. The family is a solid foundation, a marriage between a man and a woman who reproduce offspring that create the cherished relationships of family.

It is an ideology that has worked for millennia. The success of the family model has worked across hundreds of cultures and religions. Abolishing the family is both senseless and dangerous. But that isn’t stopping these radical leftists from spreading their ignorance.

We suppose it’s their God-given right to believe what they believe. However, when they contradict centuries of proof with senseless notions, these scholars make themselves out to be anything but scholarly. In fact, they’re downright stupid.

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