FDA Make New Announcement About COVID While Democrats Act Like It's the Plague

Remember the virus that killed the most people in the last century? Do you remember how people were labeled as conspiracy theorists when they questioned whether the deadly virus had spilled from a Chinese virology lab?

It's hard not to think of the terrible hardships that government bureaucrats have caused people. COVID-19 was more about instilling fear in the population and controlling people than delivering beneficial medical advice, from lockdowns to compulsory vaccines. Government policies were both pointless and oppressive.

It was an abysmal display of medical and bureaucratic ineptitude. No one can dispute the fact that millions of Americans died. However, many of these deaths, such as the thousands in the state of New York alone, might have been prevented. Bad policies killed thousands.

Medical bureaucrats were too involved with making their next “public appearance” than they were in truly advising the American people. In a nutshell, the response from the medical and scientific communities on COVID-19 was atrocious.

There was a point where so-called experts were claiming that getting the vaccine protected you from catching the virus. That turned out to be totally false. In fact, there are some indications that vaccinated people are more susceptible to variants than those with natural immunity.

And then there is the discussion of natural immunity, or the lack thereof. For over two years, it was virtually impossible to get a medical professional or scientist to discuss the topic. Now it appears that natural immunity to the coronavirus is far more robust than any manmade shot.

Furthermore, speaking of natural immunity, according to a new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report, Americans should now “accept COVID-19 to be just another respiratory virus.” The FDA compares it to the influenza virus.

A virus that forced Americans out of work and forced them to stay locked in their homes, is now nothing but the equivalent of another case of the flu. How long have they known this? Power-hungry liberals used the pandemic as a way to squash American freedoms.

They mandated we all wear masks and locked our children out of their schools. There never has been an ounce of science to support either. These corrupt elites still want to implement mandates if given the opportunity. Liberals have used the pandemic like a permanent plague.

So, with the FDA insisting that COVID-19 is just another situation like the flu, what happened to all the “science”? These bureaucratic blowhards haven’t been able to make up their mind about anything. The so-called “COVID-King”, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is the worst.

In late October 2020, Fauci said, “President Donald Trump’s comparisons to the flu were false.” Fauci told NBC, “It is not correct to say it’s the same as the flu.” So, is it the same as the flu or isn’t it? If this were an isolated error, it would be forgivable.

But it’s not. The number of mistakes has been astounding. The mistakes by our trusted scientific and medical professionals have been so blatant; most Americans have lost all trust in these institutions. The FDA is recommending additional vaccine doses for appropriate individuals.

They suggest that shots be administered this fall, at about the same time flu shots are offered. The FDA also believes these vaccinations should focus on the most susceptible people in the population. That’s what many have said all along.

Otherwise healthy people did not need a shot to beat this virus. In truth, beating COVID with their own God-given immune system was the best course of action all along. But we guess that’s too much “science” for these bureaucrats.

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