FBI’s “Russian Asset” Ordered to Hide Evidence of an Attempted Coup Against President Trump

Our democratic republic depends on the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States. The FBI is the world's most effective and capable law enforcement organization. But it must never be tainted by partisan politics.

That poses a serious risk to our right to freedom. Apart from a corrupt, politically controlled military force, very little else might endanger cherished American liberties. There has been dangerously widespread corruption in our FBI's top ranks for more than six years.

Federal law enforcement has been militarized by the radical left. Democrats are attacking their political rivals by abusing FBI muscle. The Department of Justice is a part of this crooked organization that Joe Biden's administration has created and has targeted several groups including parents and law-abiding citizens.

The assault on President Trump, however, has been the most glaring example of abuse of authority. President Trump has posed a threat to the lies and corruption of the entrenched Washington, D.C. establishment. He pledged to "drain the swamp," and he has made progress in that direction.

However, the FBI and DOJ have used every power at their disposal to produce a false narrative. They continue to attack the former president as if he’s the bad guy. President Trump is not. The politically tainted upper-level officials within the FBI are.

John Durham was appointed to investigate FBI and DOJ corruption. He’s uncovered startling revelations about exactly how they orchestrated a scam to take down a presidential candidate and eventually a sitting U.S. president. It was a coup to overthrow a duly elected government.

The leadership at the FBI helped to carry out one of the most corrupt political scams in U.S. history. Through the efforts of crooked Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Democrats tried to frame President Trump as a Russian asset.

The concocted Russia collusion hoax never was true. However, to perpetrate this scam, they had to get help from federal law enforcement. With a number of leftists sitting in high-ranking positions, it wasn’t hard. Once given the framework for the scheme, the FBI went to work.

They used Russian assets themselves to produce a fake collusion narrative. One of those individuals, Igor Danchenko, is currently on trial for lying to the FBI. But the dirty FBI agents behind the scheme to unseat President Trump knew Danchenko was lying.

John Durham’s investigation has taken nearly three years. While no high-ranking officials have been indicted, the evidence is moving closer and closer to the queen crook herself, Hillary Clinton. But there was no way this scam could have been pulled off without help from the FBI.

As evidence continues to be revealed, it wasn’t hard. These leftist elites hated President Trump so badly that they were willing to sell out their country. Danchenko was just a stooge. He’s on trial as a fall guy for the internal corruption within the Democrat Party.

He is a scapegoat. But Durham’s investigation has exposed a festering boil with the FBI. Testimony in Danchencko’s trial has revealed that he was a paid FBI operative. The FBI was paying a Russian spy $200,000 a year. That’s more than a sitting member of Congress.

Danchenko was a puppet. He was used to produce a phony dossier against President Trump. Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid Christopher Steele to concoct the bogus document. Danchenko was a key source of all the lies.

Steele was even offered $1 million to verify his work. He never could. Why couldn’t he just come forward with evidence to prove the dossier was real? The reason was that he couldn’t. They were all a bunch of lies. Much of the proof would have been in Danchenko’s phone records.

During his trial, it was revealed that crooked FBI agents told Danchenko to erase all his phone records. Maybe he bleached them? The deeper John Durham digs, the dirtier and dirtier this scam gets. FBI corruption is being exposed. It will eventually attach itself to Hillary Clinton.

However, there’s still a huge problem between scapegoats like Danchenko and crooked Hillary. Every FBI agent who signed on to help with this scam is dangerous. Federal law enforcement agents can never allow political partisanship to cloud their judgment.

This was far more than just cloudy judgment. This was a purposeful scam to overthrow a sitting president. If this corruption is not exposed and legal steps are not taken to hold these crooks accountable, it will be forever a black mark on our nation. It will happen again.

As the probability of a Republican takeover of the House of Representatives looms, Americans want to see accountability. Patriotic Americans can see what happened. They’re furious. But they’ve heard these boasts of accountability before. Rarely is anyone held responsible.

Two Republican congressmen will be critical. Ohio Representative Jim Jordan and Kentucky Congressman James Comer are two of the most important names in recent U.S. political history. Comer is the Ranking Member on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

Jordan will be the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee when Republicans takeover after the November red wave. These two men will be entrusted with exposing FBI corruption. Their work cannot end there. Everyone knows that Democrats manipulated the FBI and DOJ.

It is one of the most dangerous acts ever committed in our nation’s history. It cannot go unpunished. This is a crime. It is treason. Someone must go to jail. Jordan and Comer may not bring down Hillary Clinton, the leader of this cabal, but they’re going to get uncomfortably close.

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