FBI Issues Update on US Elections Ahead of 2022 Midterms

An update on the security of the upcoming election was released by a federal agency that assisted in influencing the 2020 presidential election. Isn't that something?  Are we expected to blindly trust a law enforcement agency that has been implicated in corruption for political gain?

The next 2022 midterm elections' election infrastructure won't be compromised, according to the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). To reassure voters, they even released a practical public service message (PSA) as a group.

Are either of these groups taken seriously by anyone? Once more, they are concentrating solely on some incredible foreign enemy takeover of our elections. What about the political party that tampered with voter registration lists, stuffed ballot boxes, and manufactured news prior to the actual election?

Do the FBI and CISA believe that this level of electoral fraud warrants an investigation? Of course they don't. All is well when a radically corrupt law enforcement agency can aid in the election of their candidate. But they allege there is no fraud going on. Instead, we should be keeping  an eye out for "Russian hackers"!

Both agencies claimed that they've already prevented cyberattacks on the election system, but neither gave a single example of how voting might have been tampered with or how they had stopped cybercriminals from targeting the next midterm elections.

No proof of anything, but a lot of hot air about how the upcoming election will be “cyberattack secure.” Americans are just supposed to believe what the FBI says. Recall, this is the same FBI that went to social media platforms and told them to censor sensitive information about a candidate.

What possible motive could corrupt upper officials in the FBI have for investigating “domestic election fraud?” We hear liberals scream about some fictitious band of “domestic extremists,” but what about the mounds of proof that Democrat operatives helped to steal a presidential election?

Tony Bobulinski is one American who knows the truth. He shared that truth in multiple live interviews, and with the FBI. After a single session with FBI agents, Bobulinski was never called back. Why would the FBI refuse a trove of documents and recordings that could prove a crime?

Bobulinski specifically told FOX News’ Tucker Carlson how he sees it. When asked about the FBI’s behind-the-scenes manipulative tactics, he said, “You can call it rigged. You can call it stolen. You could call it suppressed.”

Bobulinski summarized what he saw with his own eyes. “The American people can call it whatever they want. But the fact pattern is that the FBI alone altered history in that election.” Of course, the FBI refuses to comment on Bobulinski’s comments.

The agency telling Americans that everything is “all well and good” ahead of an upcoming election altered U.S. history by rigging an election. Again, that seems rather rich. The progressive left is destroying the nation. This election is critical. If it’s rigged again, we can kiss our democracy goodbye!

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