FBI Agents Raid Home of Trump DOJ Official in Pre-Dawn Raid


The American legal system has been taken over by dishonest liberal operatives. Both in the run-up to the 2016 election and throughout President Trump's administration, it was blatantly obvious. Our democracy is being corroded by the FBI and DOJ's political double standards.

It is the kind of political double standard that is only found in autocratic, developing nations. Tyranny exists when the legal system is used to exact political retribution. In the United States, we are seeing things become out of hand. Once more, a justice system that is so skewed will undermine democracy.

The radical left is attempting to achieve just that. Several conservatives are being targeted with federal funds, particularly those who back President Trump. Even President Trump was the target of attacks by the lawless Department of Justice, both before and after he took office.

Numerous supporters of President Trump's campaign, including appointments, have endured unjustified harassment from federal law enforcement. Another former employee of President Trump's staff recently encountered such discrimination simply for holding a conservative worldview.

Jeffrey Clark is a former DOJ official in the Trump administration. A few days ago, the FBI raided Clark’s home. He was treated like an outright criminal. Clark was the acting head of the DOJ’s Civil Division in 2020. FBI agents would not even allow Clark to put clothes on.

He was forced into the street outside his Virginia home in his pajamas. This is a vicious ploy that uses harassment to subdue and silence conservative voices. FBI agents proceeded to ransack Clark’s home while he stood watching from the street, again, standing in his pajamas.

Beyond unnecessary, they were trying to embarrass Clark. Clark was rumored to have been in line to replace Bill Barr as U.S. Attorney General. President Trump was disappointed in Barr’s lack of ambition towards pursuing blatant fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Because Clark questioned the fraudulent election, the January 6 commission is targeting him. Clark played a role in President Trump’s justified attempts to “stop the steal.” Then again, Jeffrey Clark could expose the corrupt Democrat-led witch hunt against President Trump.

So what do the crooked Democrat operatives do? They illegally raid homes of people who stand in the way of their repressive ambitions. Jeffrey Clark is one of hundreds of conservatives who have been wrongfully attacked by the federal justice system.

Federal law enforcement is so corrupted by liberal operatives that conservatives never have a chance. Liberals destroy property, assault innocent civilians, rob and steal from businesses, and even plan to assassinate a Supreme Court Justice.

However, the crooked DOJ, now run by the spiteful Merrick Garland, is abusing its power to illegally prosecute conservatives. Joe Biden appointed Garland for one reason. He was shunned for the Supreme Court. Garland’s hatred for conservatives is obvious.

He is vindictive, and it’s showing in how he’s handling every aspect of his job as U.S. Attorney General. When the highest-ranking law enforcement official in the nation is in the bag for one political party, we are on the verge of a democratic collapse.

Soon, America will no longer be a two-party democracy. There may be fragments of an opposition party left, but as soon as anyone who is not a radical liberal voices an opinion, they will be jailed and prosecuted. Americans must stand up against this tyranny before it’s too late.

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