Fauci and Collins Bilk the System for over $350 Million in Secret Royalties

Millions of Americans were forced to trust Dr. Anthony Fauci. Ultimately, it has proved to be an ill-advised trust. Fauci has lied to the American people countless times. Under his inept guidance, horrific policies and mandates were leveled.

Once Fauci cemented himself as the primary authority on COVID-19, he milked it for everything he could. Fauci continued to present a doom and gloom narrative to keep the public in fear. However, that’s not all the corrupt “man of science” has done.

The self-absorbed “King of COVID” has lined his own pockets with ill-gotten profits. A new watchdog report reveals that Fauci and his National Institutes of Health (NIH) co-conspirator, Francis Collins, have bilked the system for millions in royalties.

Over a 10-year period, Fauci and other bigwigs from the NIH have received royalty payments from drug companies and other suspicious third-party contributors. This is the same Anthony Fauci who lied to the American public about his ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

First, he lied about having helped divert funds through an outside organization to the lab. He magnified that lie by insisting that the funds were never used for dangerous “gain-of-function” virus research.

Possibly the biggest and most damaging lie was his insistence that the deadly coronavirus could not have come from a lab. It did. Anthony Fauci and many of his cohorts at the corrupt NIH are liars. They are the worst kind of liars. They abused the public trust.

Fauci lied about the origins of COVID because he and the NIH would be deemed complicit in the deaths of millions of people worldwide. Nonetheless, he is. OpenTheBooks.com just released a royalty payments record.

The data showed nearly two dozen direct payments made to Anthony Fauci. Another 14 payments were made to Fauci’s former boss, Collins. The records show that these payments spanned a decade beginning in 2010.

The crooked government scientists received payments as the “co-inventors” of various treatments and pharmaceutical products. How convenient that turned out to be. Send money to a poorly managed virology lab in China.

It was a lab that was secretly conducting dangerous research on viruses that could devastate humanity. When a strain of this deadly pathogen leaks from the lab, you’re primed and ready to reap the profits. If this sounds too incredibly implausible, think again.

Fauci and the rest of his crooked comrades at the NIH are still receiving huge royalty checks from the pharmaceutical companies entrusted with making a poorly tested vaccine. The vaccine has an abysmal record of helping to prevent people from catching the virus.

But Fauci and the rest of the bureaucratic blowhards kept insisting that everyone must get vaccinated. It was all a scam. By keeping people afraid and on edge, Fauci, and others, were able to push for unnecessary and unscientific vaccine mandates.

The more COVID shots, the more money they make. COVID has been a crooked moneymaking scheme from day one. This newly released bombshell report exposes the scam. The report further exposes over $30 billion a year doled out for Big Pharma research.

OpenTheBooks.com co-founder and CEO Adam Andrzejewski said, “The NIH is a revolving door of tens of billions of dollars in government grant-making coupled with hundreds of millions of dollars in private (non-transparent) royalty payments.”

Fauci made another $1 million, referred to as “a prize”, for a so-called “speaking truth to power” presentation. Francis Collins resigned as NIH director last year. He headed the agency for 12 years. However, Collins is still receiving royalty payments.

This deceitful scam goes back decades. Fauci received $45,000 between 1997 and 2004 for a patent license. The license was for an experimental AIDS treatment. However, the project was already funded. Fauci got a $36 million grant from the NIH.

Andrzejewski asked a curious question. He puzzled, “When a federal bureaucrat pops up on television giving us health instructions, who has paid them and for what research and technology?” It appears we now know the answer to this question. Anthony Fauci, the crook.

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